Monday, December 15, 2008

A Wonderful Weekend

Wow! What an amazing weekend!

I've already told you about Friday night. I am still replaying it in my mind. It was just wonderful. Here's a pic of Nick at Dickens of a Christmas with his cigar box guitars.
And a pic of the Salem Redsox mascot playing one of his guitars.

Saturday night was equally wonderful. Patrick and I went to the home of Jeff and Debbie, where we were greeted warmly and with the most delicious aroma of lasagna and pesto covered bread baking in the oven. We had baked brie and wonderful crisp crackers and just oh so much yummy food and wine and martinis.

Jeff and Debbie are so warm and kind. After eating our fill (and then some) we cozied up on their beautiful sofa in front of the fire and just talked the night away.

I got to hold their grandson. Oh what a joy. He smiled constantly and cooed and I was a happy woman.

I was also practically licked to death by one of their sweet Boston Terriers. He was very enthusiastic about having company and I enjoyed every second of his juvenile excitement.

We came home feeling content and happy and pretty much went straight to bed to sleep off all the delicious food.

Yesterday was a lazy day. I finally got out of my pjs in time for Justyn to come home from work. They bought tons of food and Jason cooked hotdogs here in our apartment and he and Patrick watched a football game while Justyn and I went next door and watched P.S. I love you.

This movie is not for the faint of heart, let me tell you. I love a good chick flick. I love a tear-jerker. But this one is a killer. If you are an ugly crier, watch this one alone.

It was fun. We had m&ms, chips and dip, some sweet fruity wine, which I don't normally like but this was good. Justyn lit candles and the tree was pretty with lights. Girl's Night was a definite success.

Then I came home and watched the Dallas game with Patrick. Once they destroyed the Giants, we were off to bed.

It was a dream weekend. I enjoyed every second of it.

The card at the top is one of three which chose me in a drawing from my soulcollage deck this morning. I did some journaling with all three cards and have posted the reading from this one card on my SoulCollage blog.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a most wonderful weekend.Don't you love it when everything come together so nicely.

Lisa said...

Annie, oh yes! Love it!