Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Handmade Gift Ideas Galore

I ran across this website the other night but didn't have time to really look at it. I saved it on my sidebar as a reminder to go back.

Today is the day that I tackle all those handmade Christmas gifts I have yet to make so I made my way back to her site.

I wanted to share it with you just in case you're looking for some last minute ideas. Her site is filled with them and links to others. She has really great tutorials that make it all very simple.

Hope this helps you have some fun and put a few extra things under the tree!


Melissa said...

neat -can't type more my keyboard is typing backwards

Lisa said...

lol good to see you.

KaiBlue said...

Aloha Lisa,
I went to your link, fabbie!! Then before I remembered to comment, I was off on another link adventure!
Thank you for the inspiration and sharing!
peace, Kai

Lisa said...

Oh I know how that is! Glad you enjoyed it. I got some great ideas for gifts and even made a couple of them yesterday.

Chanda said...

Right on girl, you made me laugh and made my day.