Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thank You

Words are not adequate to express how much your words of advice and support mean to me.

I am taking the practical points to heart and am going to work on them. I've already started many of them.

But even more, I hear loud and clear that I need to follow my heart and create from there.

Isn't it funny that we can forget that?

This is a lesson I seem to need to learn over and over again. I always need to go back to Source and remember why I do what I do.

It's easy to let practical worries weigh us down and make us forget the deeper things. At least, it is easy for me.

I always, always want my art, in whatever form, to give hope, love and healing. That's it.

Now if I can just remember that and create from that place, all will be well.

As Annie said, Spirit wants us to succeed. Yes! There is no room for worry.

I was so inspired by you all that I created a piece of art this very day. I will show it to you tomorrow. It is dedicated to you, ladies. I appreciate so much your frank observations, advice and loving support.

I will sleep well tonight, knowing that I will be lead through tomorrow. I need to follow my gut; my heart and soul.

I will say a big thank you to the Creator tonight for your friendships.


Anonymous said...

You are the sweetest woman ever :-).
So glad I could help in whatever way. XOXO

Kathie said...

Bless You Friend xxx