Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ok My Dear Bloggy Friends. I Need a Pep Talk!

I've been thinking about going back to a j.o.b. part-time. I don't want to. Waaaa.

The business is going well. Patrick works himself silly and so do I, but all new businesses have that lull of more money going into the business than coming out of it. We are doing fine but I just want to make sure that we don't dig ourselves a hole.

Here's the thing. If I really got at the art thing and the writing thing, I could make as much at home. I get discouraged and I'm not sure why.

I've been having a real pity party for myself here lately. You know, not as many comments as I wish, noone buying anything from me, nobody loves me everybody hates me, think I'll go and eat worms kind of thing.

So, first I need to the fact that I seem to have some sort of crafting multiple personality a turnoff?

Are my prices too high? Too low? (ha) Am I too inconsistent? Or does my stuff just suck?

What I'm not looking for is a pat on the back or a "there, there, Froggy, we love you." I'm looking for honest-to-God objective feedback. Something to shoot for. Something to really grab hold of this week so that I can give this working from home thing one more shot.

I'm not trying to be a popular blogger. (It sounds silly to even read that) This is a financial thing. What do people want that I can do?

What would you buy if I made it (or tell your friends about) that I haven't been making lately?

In the morning, I'm going to wake up and hope I dreamt this post. LOL But right now, I'm just coming to you as a friend and asking for your help; for your advice.

Be brutal. Ok, not brutal, but honest.


Kate Robertson said...


I was hoping I wasn't the first but here goes. I think everyone who is selling their own art goes through this. Just by reading Violette's blog I think you know this. First I think that the issue for most artists is marketing. How do you get your stuff out there for people to see. I would recommend a life coach who specializes in this. Then of course you probably don't have the money to pay for one. So you can look at what other artists do. Get yourself a good book on marketing and see there. Does your site come up quick on search engines, do the work to make that happen. Use the Law of Attraction. You have to create from your heart and soul. People are going to want things that no one else can do. I think you make lovely things. There is that new book about marketing in art, I can't recall the name but Violette mentioned it. It has great ideas. If you are just going to sell on Etsy then I think good photos are a must. The marketing class I took said people need to look at your site and know what you do in seconds. I would recommend putting something in your header or sidebar right under your name.Its always nice to see a picture of the person. People will see your smiling face and think oh I want to buy from her.. Just a few ideas, I am afraid i could go on and on... but I will let others throw out their ideas...

Lisa said...

Thanks Kate! Wow, so much to think about. I've already changed what I could. The profile thing was an easy fix and I don't know why I didn't think of it! I appreciate your feedback more than I can say.

Kathie said...

Kate has covered quite a lot of points in her comment, I agree with creating from the heart and following your intuition, regardless of what others say and/or what the "trends" are ...

Are you a member of any etsy street teams?

If not, why not have a look in the community section and see if any groups resonate with you.

I am a member of 2 different groups and I am finding that I receive lots of support and encouragement from the group members!

I see that you have sections allocated in your shop, but nothing in them!

I love your work too!


Lisa said...

Hi Kathleen, Thanks so much! I did go do the labeling thing. I didn't think I had enough in there for it but I was pleasantly surprised.

I do belong to an Etsy Street Team. It's brand new.

Anonymous said...

I am having the same problem on my Esty site. I believe in my work, and yours, so I think mostly it is somehow getting people to our site. Think about all the wonderful stuff we all see that we don't buy, because we don't have the money to buy it. The more people we get to our site the more chance we have to sell something. Perhaps we can help one another, if I find something that works I will share it with you, and you can do the same. I work part time, so I don't have a lot of time to do research, but I think that is what it will take. Trust is also impportant :-). Spirit wants us to succeed. XOXP.S. I am going to start high lighting other peoples
art, as a way to help them, I am hoping to start a movement :-).

Lisa said...

You know, Annie, you have said so much here that has spoken to my heart. SPirit wants us to succeed! THen when I went to your blog, you had my beloved Rumi quoted there and I have spent a good portion of the evening reading more of his quotes. also high lighting others is such a wonderful thing. Always, it seems, the answer to anything is reaching out to

All of you have had a common word of advice; that I should follow my heart. How is it that I forget that? It's time for me to get quiet. My mind is too full and whirling with what everyone else is doing and also full of worries about working, etc. I need to get quiet.

Thank you for reminding me. I already feel joy in my heart just realizing it. I am already finding the voices calming. And now come the tears.

Thank you, my friends. I appreciate it soooo much.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Lots of good advice here, pretty much what I would tell you.

I am feeling your anxiety..I get the same way at times, feeling like I don't measure up and no one loves me anymore, I think it comes with the territory. We pour ourselves into our art and when it gets ignored or rejected by others it's like they are rejecting us personally. Try and remember that it's not YOU, it's just that you haven't found the right buyers.

There's the rub. Finding the people who are interested in your style and art. It's hard and time consuming, but it's what is required if you want to make sales. Always improving your shop and pictures. Every time you put up something new, you have to advertise it. I do Flickr, blog, a couple of Ning groups, Twitter, Etsy forums, and add my Street team tags to each item. Stay active in the street teams...they only work if you work them.

Do what you love, it shines through in your work. You are an artist with a unique style all your own, don't sway from that and keep your chin up!!!

Good luck.

Lisa said...

Karen, thank you! That means so much to me. I can't even tell you. There are no words.

I feel completely turned around as I've taken yours and everyone's advice to heart.

I'll be doing research on picture taking and working on the nitty gritty of marketing. (funny that's what I do in my other at-home job for other people lol) but it's the reminder to do what I love and pointing me back to spirit that has ultimately made me feel re-inspired. Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

My dear sister, Lisa..
A little food for thought: If crafting and writing are a passion for you then I'm wondering...what ways have you not yet considered in getting yourself out there to expose your work beyond where you already are? Where can you submit your articles and art? Just plant that seed thought w/intention and an answer, an idea, inspiration will court you. This divine discontent is simply stoking your heart's fire. Have tea with your Inner-guide..or your Muse of creative prosperity; consult with them, surrender..and trust. Your answers..and the harvest of the seeds you're planting will reveal themselves. I can't wait to see and hear what that is!
much love...

P.S. Rev. Michael Beckwith, for years has talked about "catching" the vision that Spirit has for our lives, vs. us telling Spirit what we want. Quiet listening and surrendering our will..with the intention to hear the Divine will (via the whisper of a thought, feeling, idea etc) will surely bring further enlightenment; or at least peace while you wait. I'm sure you've done many, if not all of these things...but whenever we have unrest it's always a good idea to re-visit.