Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Few Etsy Shops

I have no art, no pics, nothing fun to show you so I thought I'd highlight a couple of Etsy shops I really like.

Life has been good. Yesterday, a friend I met through the 100-day challenge ning community (we think that's where we met), drove to Roanoke and we had a wonderful visit. We're very much in tune with one another and had a really great time visiting. She brought me some really lovely soaps that I've already tried out and LOVE! She's also promised to teach me how to make soap. Something I've wanted to be able to do for quite a while.

Today, Patrick and I walked to the Grandin Village Children's Holiday Parade. My kids used to walk in this parade when they were in preschool and then as band members in middle school. Now, of course, they've outgrown it completely. BUT! For 20 years I dreamed of living in the neighborhood and being able to walk to the parade, so for the past two years I've been living my dream. We bundled up warmly and then a church was giving away hot chocolate which was really nice. We were really comfy.

Debbie, my friend I spoke of, recommended a book by Barbara Kingsolver. I had read Animal Dreams but had not read Prodigal Summer so we picked it up while we were in our favorite used book store, Too Many Books. I came home and ran a nice hot bath and started the book. Yum! It's delicious. :) I love it already.

Ok, so on to those promised Etsy shops:
Aren't these soaps awesome? Windyscreationshas a bunch of really cool stuff.

Anam Cara is a new favorite of mine and I especially like this Om Shanti painting.

I just adore everything this lady does. She has a great blog that I really enjoy.

Tonight we're going to watch a game and I'm going to try to stay awake and crochet. :) Maybe I'll have something to show you tomorrow.

Have a great night everyone. Much love to you.


Mrs.Kwitty said...

All beautiful! Love those soaps--the colors and patterns are really wonderful.
Smiles, Karen

Patrick Foley Plummer said...

Me too Karen! Good to see you.