Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Where does the time go?

Here's a little shelf I bought at Goodwill for $1.00. A couple of coats of paint and it's better than new. I adore it. It's over my craft table holding beads and stuff.

Oh and little roses, too It has little "roses" underneath. A little surprise if you happen to be under the shelf. ha!

My first fabric birdieHere's the little fabric birdie I made. It's my first one but I know I'll make more. It's good practice for me. I'm a lot freer with my dolls because I just draw and cut and they look like whatever they look like, but with this..well, I wanted it to look like a bird!

Little birdie hanging on a birdhouseAnd here's the bird that Karen sent me, hanging from another birdhouse. Isn't it cute?

quiltieThis is a little quiltie I did. I printed the image from flickr onto a transparency and then transferred it to Tyvek with Mod Podge. I colored it in in a few places with watercolor pencils. I sewed that to another piece of Tyvek that I had painted and then layered some fabric and quilted it. I've really been having fun with the transfers and am really pleased to see that Mod Podge works so well. If you click on this to see it bigger, ignore that yoyo. Boy, did it ever give me fits. I was trying to sew the edge so it would have a nice clean finish but the fabric kept getting pushed down into the feed dogs. Grrrrrr. I think I need a new sharper needle!

Finally a Granny Look what I finally did!!!! I was determined to get the Granny Square figured out this week. I sat down with a book on all kinds of needlework (that I bought at my favorite used book store a long time ago) this morning and finally got it right. I'm going to be making lots more of these. I'm looking forward to using up all this yarn I have. I got a huge garbage bag at a yard sale a couple of years ago for a dollar. It doesn't exactly have my favorite colors or types of yarn in it but it has been wonderful for practicing. Hopefully I'll use it up and then will be able to do some cool things by the time I buy some really fun new colors and weights.

Irish Rose While I was at it, I decided to try an Irish Rose. Love it.

Vertical Stripe Afghan I also started this vertical stripe afghan yesterday. A while back I talked about doing the ripple one but I was doing something really wrong, with each row getting shorter. I decided to just get used to the hook for a while, learning to loosen my grip and stuff. This afghan is a very, very easy double crochet and gives me a sense of accomplishment since it goes so quickly and looks really nice and even.

Does anyone else's thumb (or whole hand) go numb when you crochet? Sometimes when I embroider, too. I try to loosen up and relax but before I know it, my thumb is numb again and I have to stop what I'm doing, shake it out and then figure out where I was. It's kind of annoying. Any tips?

Thanks for all your sweet comments on the last couple of posts. I really appreciate them.


Janet said...

Sorry I've been MIA for awhile. But I'm better now and finally making the rounds. You always give me such a boost when I visit here. You're always trying new things and do so much! I love your little birdie and the quiltie. As for crochet, my whole hand sometimes gets numb when I crochet too long! I think the colors you've used on your striped afghan are beautiful. And the granny square is great. You'll be making tons of those! They're addictive!!

When I first learned to do the ripple I had the same problem but since then I've "mastered" it and have made several. I love the way they look. If I can help at all, just let me know.

PennyBlue said...

Love the birdie and the quiltie! MY you have been busy. Puts me to shame (:
Hope you're havin a great Wednesday!

MissKoolAid said...

Again, such beautiful artwork from you! You are an artist my friend!


Flassie's Fil'a said...

Yes You did it! Love the Irish Rose also. There is a message at Violette's to pop on over to your blog to see that you did it! Crocheted the Granny Square. Yes!

I just shake it out when I have
pain or move my hands or rub the numbness and pain out. If you can
mark where you left off. I don't
crochet so I am giving tips from
FMS experiences.

I wonder if Valerie Saxion has
anything on her site about
numbness? She is on my list. Maybe there is something online about it?

God Bless You and Yours Days and Thanks for the Love you shared at Violette's!

OK I am going to work on a piece of clothing I am altering. Have a Great Day!

GreenishLady said...

Ah... I've done a lot of crochet and never had a numb thumb. I'm trying to figure out what could do that, but can't work it out! I've made a ric-rac afghan, a simple striped one, a hexagon (my favourite), and have a big bag of granny squares made (need about the same again to make a decent afghan, though!). You've reminded me to get back to crochet in the evenings. I'm ashamed to say I don't know the Irish Rose. Will have to look it up!

Love your little birdie and the shelf too. Haven't you been busy and productive!

Kathie said...

You certainly have been busy ... I especially love your new Quiltie!

I love trying new techniques as well!