Monday, April 14, 2008

Things to Share

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I know. I'm nuts about my pillowcases. I don't understand it myself! I just love them. The colors make me happy. I think I have a quilt in storage that matches and will look pretty across the bottom of the bed. Hopefully we will get everything out of storage (it's been there for 9 years) in the next month or so. It will be like shopping. I'm sure there are things there I have forgotten about. I left without much when I left the house last year. When Patrick moved in, I had no furniture..NONE. He pretty much left everything behind to come here so we've really started off from scratch. But, gosh! It has been fun. We enjoy making it a home together. He ooh'd and ahh'd over the new pillowcases as much I did. lol He really loves things to look nice and enjoys the thriftiness aspect.

Ok...lots of things to share so I should stop gabbing and get on with it.

First up.....
Mooi This is my son Nick with the gigantic canvas he did of his girlfriend. This is going to be in a college art exhibit. He did it with spray paint. He made a stencil from a photograph of her. Isn't it awesome? She loves it.

Nick and Krista Here they are. They stopped in while they were on a date and we all had a fun visit.

LoveI got my package from Misseskwitty! Oh how I love it. It's all stuffed with bags now. I love the way she packaged everything.My etsy orderSpecial little MissesKwitty birdie

Closeup of yummy vintage button on doll This is a closeup of a vintage button on a doll I made for a very special friend. You're getting a sneak peek.April CloseupAprilHer name is April. (the doll, not the friend) :)

Love Collage Pinky CollageThese are two collages I worked on yesterday and today.

Today I've been playing with Tyvek. I painted some and I did a transfer on one with mod podge. It worked out great. I'm making a little quiltie or fabric collage with it.

Ok. I think that's it. I also made a little fabric bird over the weekend and thought I had taken a picture of it but I don't see it. hmmm. I have it hanging from one of my birdhouses. The same day I did that, I got the little birdie from misseskwitty and hung it on the other birdhouse over my table.

We picked up some paint, beads and a nice new huge bottle of mod podge yesterday so I have been playing and having a good time. I decided to try the matte this time and I really like it.

Have a great week everyone. Much love to you all.


Flassie's Fil'a said...

Wow! Your son's painting is awesome!

Patrick's art look's great on
your wall's also!

Your doll's are so sweet and
mixed media art is really

I think that back of the heads
breakfast photo on flikr is
really cool also.

God Bless Your Creative Lives!!!

Beverly Keaton Smith said...

Obviously, creativity runs in your family! Love the painting your son did of his girlfriend. Also, love your pillow cases and all of your other latest creations. You are really amazing Lisa, There is no end to the magic touch you put on your creations!

JoyceAnn said...

Everything looks so Springy , I love this time of the year. Your collage is wonderful , love the wording. The doll is cute , bet she'll love it.

Your son's art looks great too.

~ Hugs ~ JoyceAnn

Anonymous said...

Your son is awesome. He should sell some art on Etsy. He's also very cute. My 15 year old daughter thought so too.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

I think I commented on all this on Flickr, LOL!!! I have always been a little ahead of myself ;O}

I do love your pretty pretty pillows and think it's great that your sweety does too!

Your son's art is awesome, and it's really amazing that it's done with spray paint, wow!

Love your fanciful little doll too, and that button is nothing short of vintage yumminess!

Glad you love your bagkeeper--I enjoyed doing business with you!!

Smiles and Blessings,

MissKoolAid said...

Everything is simply gorgeous! Your son's painting is amazing. I love love love your two collages. And the doll is absolutely delicious! She'll love it!

Your art is growing and getting even better every single day. Visiting your blog always brings an extra ray of sun to my day.


Jodi Ohl said...

Wow--your son's painting is FABULOUS! I see a bright artistic future ahead of him! Obviously creativity runs in the family :)

Love looking at all your new creations!

J C said...

What fun things you have posted. Nick's painting is TOTALLY AWESOME!!! I scrolled down cuz I haven't been here in a couple of days to see what I missed. I missed a lot! I adore that little cup you keep your beads in. What treasures you have. Mz. Frog, your happiness, compared with your life before, truly shines through!xoxoxo