Wednesday, December 26, 2007

In One Year and Out the Other

A local event is using that title and I really like it, even though we all know that time is really an illusion. Still, it is a persistent one so we may as well humor it.

Santa and the family were very, very good to me. I received many great gifts, the best of which were time together to laugh and hug and eat good food.

The next post should have some photos in it. I am making this post as I wait for my new camera's battery to charge!

I've finished an art doll that I'll list in the shop and I'm currently working on a Comfort Doll. To learn more about the Comfort Dolls, just click on the icon at the top of my sidebar. It's a wonderful thing and I am happy at the prospect of being a part of it.

I finished a small collage on canvas. I got lots and lots of new canvas board for Christmas, as well as three moleskins and the water-soluble oil pastels I've been wanting. They are just as great as everyone said they were.

I love that my kids both mentioned how peaceful it was here, as we were opening our gifts and enjoying our day. This observation by teen boys made our hearts glow. I was pleased with how well each member of the family seemed to know the other as the gifts all reflected thought and love. It is a good feeling to know that we are truly and deeply known by another.

When my camera has finished charging, I am going to take photos of everything that doesn't move. hehe I am going to work harder on my videos for YouTube, trying to make them more enjoyable and less tedious.

I feel that the year coming is full of exciting changes and challenges and fulfilled dreams. 2008 has its work cut out for it if it is to top 2007!! What a wonderful year of transformation it has been.

Thank you, my friends, for sharing it with me. Thank you for sharing your own stories of love and life and for taking the time to read about mine.

I love you and I wish you all the brightest 2008.

Until the battery charges.....Peace.

The battery charged and I just added the photos at the top. I have a lot to learn about taking pictures but I'm so excited by the prospects! Finally, I will be able to take decent pictures. Yay! Thank you, Santa Patrick. :)


Lea said...

Hello Lisa! It is great to find you and your beautiful inspiring creations here! Your being a part of the comfort dolls project is one of heart and courage and will make all the difference in someone's life. That is truly wonderful and makes the changing of the year... all the more beautiful! Have fun with that camera, I know you will put it to good use!!!

gma said...

Hi Lisa...Yeah! I got a new camera too. So happy you had a beautiful Christmas. Just want you to know how much I have enjoyed the Ornament you made me. xx

A bird in the hand said...

Happy Christmas and may you soar in 2008. xoxo

Pam Aries said...

Hi Froggy! ....I agreee,,,,this year is going to be FILLED with all kinds of change(I hope it's the jingly kind too...ha ha)

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Thanks for your help Lisa!!! So far I think what ever it is I am making it is turning out. Dd bought me the small one for baby hats. But she said I can make other stuff with it. I noticed a magazine or book on that link which lead me to her blog that you gave at Violettes. So I am going to look for it. I remember doing this when I was a teen. That was a long time ago though. Have a Blessed Happy New Year and the day's left in this Year Too!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post Lisa! I hope that you have alot of fun with the camera! Your work is always amazing. Thanks for sharing it with us! *HUGS*

Rebecca E. Parsons/Cre8Tiva said...

you will become a photographer with the new the doll...hugs, r

Monique Kleinhans said...

Great title! Thanks for sharing it!
and for your photos (yay new camera!) and for your words and inspirations.

I hope 2008 brings you so much joy and creativity you have to share!


Dot said...

I am so happy that your life is turning out exactly the way you want it to. And how you deserve it to my friend. You are a testament to making your dreams come true.
I love you.

Dot xx