Thursday, November 01, 2007

A little taste....

I'm still working on this. I don't know why I find it all so hard to organize in my head.

Here's a taste of what I'm working on.

The first (blurry-sorry!) photo is a close-up of an element on my vision board.

It is two photos. One of myself from many years ago. This photo served two purposes. I had sent this photo to Patrick a number of years ago. Then my computer crashed. A few years back, I needed a photo for a college alumni (WVTech) yahoo group so I emailed Patrick asking if he still had it. He did and sent it to me. I hadn't even thought of that until he and I were talking about it the other night.

Ok, anyway...I printed this photo out last spring because I was quite a bit heavier than I wanted to be, physically. I was uncomfortable. I wanted to be about the size that I had been in this photo. I put the picture in the drawer where I kept my hairpick (which I used every morning to detangle my hair) so that I would see it every day. Looking at it every morning reminded me to walk, eat properly and also helped me to see myself that way.

I am now that size again.

The 2nd way that I used this picture was by putting it on the vision board with a photo I found of Patrick online. He didn't even know about the photo. It was on the site of a writer's guild he was/is a member of.

I placed the photos together so that it looked as if we were sitting together.

I looked at it every day and imagined being able to look him in the eye and touch him and hear his voice.

This photo is the real thing, taken in July...after Patrick moved here to be with me.

Gosh, there is so much stuff in between that I need to talk about.

There is so much.

Both our lives have changed tremendously, in every way.

Hopefully this will give a little bit of a taste while I continue to figure out how to articulate everything.



judie said...

I love reading about how your life has come together. It gives me hope.....well, inspiration, and helps me to think more positive. I have a tendency to be a bit negative sometimes, altho I don't really mean it. :)

A bird in the hand said...

I came to visit because I realized it's been a long time, and here I see that you've been on a marvellous journey...and it so happens I feel stuck at the moment. Visualizing hasn't helped and I wonder if I'm doing it wrong. It's done me good to read your posts. I wish we could talk :))

Pam Aries said...

Oh, my friend! You are SUCH an inspiration! This is just one more reason to shout t othe world that THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS!!!!

Angela said...

Keep trying - 'cause it looks like a beautiful story and I, for one, am listening.

Angela said...

What a wonderful post Froggy! You are always so inspiring and helpful.:) GREAT post!*HUGS*