Monday, November 05, 2007


Today I am reminded of how grateful I am for solitude and quiet surroundings.

Today I have none of those things. ha!

The door to our apartment is being replaced and that's a good thing. It's the first thing the landlord was supposed to take care of and now that it's getting colder, he sent someone over. I'm very glad.

However, there has been much banging and grinding and drilling. They are in the kitchen, which is my art studio so I am not getting to play and I am really in the mood!

Thank goodness I got an early start this morning so I at least got my hands all messy and gooey before they showed up.

I made a bunch of faces and did some experiments.

I've been asked how I make the faces for my dolls.

I use paperclay. It's a great, non-toxic, non-odor, easily cleaned up medium.

I put it in molds that I buy (from ACMoore or Michaels..or somewhere like that). After they're dry, I sand them and paint them with acrylic paints or with alcohol paints or whatever works.

Today I've been experimenting with putting beads and things in while the paper clay is still wet. They're drying on the window sill and I can't wait to sand them and paint them and play.

I've been on YouTube today, watching art videos and am motivated to do some art journaling.

I tried to take a photo of my newest doll, but I can't really get outside (since the door they're working on is the only one.) LOL The upstairs is very light and bright yet not quite enough for picture taking.

I did a canvas last week, as well.

I am having a wonderful arty time.

I am touched by the generosity of artists who share their secrets and who are so encouraging.

Let me just guide you to two of them today. You can find them both on YouTube and they both have blogs, too!

Suzi Blu

Violette has been inspiring me for a very long time. In many ways, I consider her the catalyst for many of my life changes. Discovering the joy of creativity opened my eyes to a better world. It was also through her blog and message board that I've made some of the best friends of my life AND on top of all of's where I first heard about the Secret!

Suzi Blu is brand spanking new to me. I had never heard of or seen her until today. I am not always up on such things though so I'm sure most of you have already been admiring her for ages. She does seem to have quite a fan base.

Both of these beautiful Goddesses spend a lot of time telling us to just make art...just do it. Don't worry about it, don't think about it, don't put it off, don't think it isn't good enough, don't compare, don't do everything else instead of it...make art!...and love yourself.

That's a pretty cool message, huh?

Let's repeat it to ourselves. :)



Cre8Tiva said...

oh yes...just make art...just create...every time you makes us feel alive...blessings, rebecca

KaiBlueCreations said...

If ever I need to find inspiration, 2soul in love, peace , joy and simplicity..this blog is it..

thank you.. we are all grateful for you Lisa..

Peace, Kai xxx