Sunday, September 09, 2007


Thank you, my sweet friends, for all of your encouraging comments.

I'm sorry I've been so absent from commenting on your blogs.

It seems like I'm working all the time and when I have a few computer moments, I'm researching places to submit articles.

I haven't done much art because there just don't seem to be enough hours in the day when the majority of my hours are spent at Stein Mart.

I have decided to write full time. I will give a few more weeks of my life to Stein Mart and then I am going to start writing full time.

I will have more time for blogging and art, as well. Not to mention, laundry and cleaning. Whew.

It's a good thing that Patrick is extra neat or things would be out of control.

This was a major decision. They've just made me full-time and a little birdy told me Friday that I will be receiving a pay increase and then an increase in responsibilities.

These are all good things, but they aren't writing. They aren't art. The Stein Mart job (cashiering job) got me through what could have been a very difficult transition. I have not had a single month where I had to worry about making the bills and I am grateful.

But I am also ready to be home, writing and doing the things I feel passionate about. Patrick is completely supportive (ok....he is more than supportive...he is wondering why I'm even thinking about staying in an 8 hour a day job when he's saying, "Hey, stay home and write!").

It's time for me to put my money where my mouth( blog) is. I'm always telling you guys about visualizing and how once you know what you want, you must act as if it is already happening and do the things you'd be doing if it were happening. Well, if I had just written an article that brought in a dollar per word, would I be asking, "Would you like to apply for a credit card?" Nope.

I'd be out of there, writing my next article. I'd be getting up in the morning doing research and crafting my article and honing my skills.

So, that's where I am right now.

Think good thoughts for me.

Thank you for your encouragment. I hope to return the favor very, very soon.

Much love to you all.


Olivia said...

Congratulations, Lisa! Best wishes to you! And good for you, for following your dreams.

Janet said...

Good for you!! And good for Patrick to be so supportive of your dreams. I say go for it! You can always get another "Stein Mart" job if you need it but I doubt you will.

Carla said...


Me said...

You might consider Suite101 - that is where I am doing my writing. It doesn't pay a lot. At least not upfront. It pays by revenue sharing which means when you start out, you make nothing. But as you increase the volume of your published works your income increases and if you do it right, you see a regular daily amount coming in and the more you write the more that amount if you take a day off you are still getting the same amount - plus (and I really like this) after a year - Suite101 no longer holds exclusive copyright - it becomes a shared copyright - so theoretically if you wrote a great series of articles you could perhaps unite them into a book and publish them - you would only take a share of the revenue - but it would still be better than publishing them once and never being able to use them again.

I like Suite101:

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Lisa!
Have a Blessed Week!