Monday, September 10, 2007

Sacred Vision

Not having to work today, I have enjoyed a quiet morning of meditation, thinking and cleaning.

It is an overcast morning so I am not taking pictures but I took this picture of our vision board the same day that I photographed our altar.

I made this vision board in May or June, before Patrick and I had figured a way to come together.

I had a picture of Patrick from the internet ( I found it by googling. He didn't even know it existed.) I placed this picture of Patrick and a picture of myself together on the board. I think the candle is hiding me.

Imagine the feeling I had one day as we were sitting in our chairs in the livingroom and I looked over his shoulder to see the message board. I realized that, were someone standing in the door of the room, they would see us just the way we are placed on the board. Me, slightly in front of him, sitting together.

It has been manifested.

We continue to add things to the board that we would like for ourselves and our loved ones.

We keep a list of things (not all material) that we desire. We cross them off as they come to us and we give thanks.

One example is our table in the kitchen. This was our most desired material item. We wanted a place to comfortably sit together with the boys. Meals are important and I am learning the importance of sitting together and giving thanks for the abundance of our lives. It is new to me and to the boys.

Patrick experiences cooking as prayer. He is preparing something that will enter our bodies and sustain us.

When we sit together, we thank the Creator for the abundance we experience in love and life.

As we eat, I am mindful of Patrick's preparation of the meal, the care he takes and his gift for making it taste so wonderful.

I digress. Back to the table. We asked for it.

One Sunday, we were out walking and there on the side of the street was a beautiful table. The legs had been removed and were lying beside it.

We determined that if it was there when we returned, we would get it. We continued our planned walk, making no changes to shorten it.

When we returned home, we got in our vehicle and drove to where we'd seen it. It was still there so we lovingly loaded it and brought it home.

We now eat together at this beautiful, sturdy table every day. There is room for all of us and then some.

We imagine grandchildren and family dinners at this table in our future.

We crossed it off our list and gave thanks...and continue to give thanks.

The Creator wants us to have abundance. It is there, waiting for us to accept it.

It isn't difficult. Perhaps the most difficult thing is believing that it is so simple.

A joyful part of my sacred life is acknowledging this simple truth of abundance.

The vision board is a reminder and a call to acceptance.

Do you have a vision board?

Christine Kane has a very good tutorial for making a vision board.

In fact, she has many great tutorials for making a life. :)

Have a wonderful, Sacred day.

I am about to go do some sacred laundry. ;)


Lisa M.S. Oceandreamer said...

I have been absent and now catching up. You amaze me constantly, you amaze me with your ability to see and know. The family table is such an important element, I am so happy the table was there just when you needed it.
You are about to follow your bliss, something not many can or have the courage to do. I support you from afar and I KNOW you will do well. Having a loving, supportive partner gives such peace to the overall destiny of your dreams as well.
Good things, no GREAT things, are just waiting for you (they were never at SteinMart). You go girl!

Anonymous said...

Overcast is good for
taking photos outside.
I am happy that you are
going to do what You Love.

Have a Blessed Week!


KaiBlueCreations said...

I have a huge vision/notice/bulliten board that I made for my space here. I constantly add and fill the vision with things I enjoy, things that bring me peace, things I love.
I have some words you've given to my cause printed up and pinned up there.
They are lovely.. PEace to you and Patrick..
Kai xx

Cheryl Finley: said...

What a beautiful post of your sacred life...

judie said...

I always find spiritual peace and encouragement when I come here, Lisa. Thank you. :) xoxoxoxoxo

Janet said...

Your joy and happiness comes through each and every line and word of this post. You make me smile and remember that I need to notice the little things in life. For quite some time I've been thinking about making a vision board and now you've given me that final push to do it. Thank you!!

BlueJude said...

Great post! I too have a vision board. And yes it is a simple thing but not always so simple to put into practice. Gratituse and Abundance. Happy Tuesday GF!

Gemma said...

So many sacred things within this post. Cooking as a prayer is especially beautiful.

mrsnesbitt said...

My mum bought us our kitchen table 16 years ago when we moved here. It has seen lots of events....we signed our wills on that tabke, I wrote letters of thanks to people who had sent me cards of sympathy when mum died. I will now go and give it a special clean and appreciate all it means to us.


tinker said...

What wonders are manifesting for you! I do have a vision board, but it was made over a year ago, and I'd like to make another one. Lovely post, Lisa - I'm glad life is good for you.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Does sacred laundry then fold itself?

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

I am so going to make one of those boards right now.
Good for you guys!

Pam Aries said...

Hi Lisa! I havn'e been blogging too much..! Kate left yesterday. I am tryin to catch up! I was just thinking about a vision board! And here you are! I have got to get my life back on track. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Meditation is so good for you! I'm soo glad that you can find time to do that for yourself.
Don't you wish laundry would just do itself? LOLOLOLOL I sure do! ;)

Vintage Wine said...

Hi Lisa,
I miss you :-) How are you?
I'm trying to take the time to visit my favorite blogging friend... I love reading your thoughful posts!
I don't have a vision board but it sounds like a great idea!
Love & blessings,

Healing Expressions said...

HI Lisa...What a joy to come across your blog. I too create cards from the Soul Collage process acapted to my own spiritual beliefs. I love everything you have to say about the sacred life and honoring it daily! I'll be adding you to my links and may your soul be creatively blessed today!

ancient one said...

My first time here. I will be back! Interesting Blog.