Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Playing around

I was having some fun with these. I had a couple of canvases with collages that I didn't like. I was itching to paint so I just ripped the stuff off the canvases, sanded them (a little, I'm impatient with sanding) and gessoed over.

I left some stuff on the orange canvas and just painted in the middle because I liked the orange color. This blues lady just sort of showed up.

The other canvas had been teal with white polka dots. I gessoed over it and then pressed stamps into it. After it dried, I painted over it with some watered down acrylics. Then I remembered this image I wanted to use and a quote I read in Cloth, Paper, Scissors. It doesn't seem finished to me, but I was just playing anyway. :)

I'm off work today. Patrick is out of town (not too far) for training for work. I'm going over to Tim's to get some furniture and things. The boys are going with me to help. I hope it doesn't take the whole day. Nick worked until 2am, so I'm going to let him sleep a bit before we go.

It feels cool out this morning so I think I may take a walk. There's a graveyard nearby and I'm just in the mood to walk through it.

But first, I think I'll drink this other cup of coffee. :)


Pam Aries said...

COOL out??!!! waaaa! I'm jealous! .. Ha ..! I love your re-art . You sound like me, i have done that to several old canvases lately!

MissKoolAid said...

Very nice. I like the Blues Singer. The orange all around is perfect.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful work Froggy! I like to paint over canvas's because it gives more texture.

craftyhala said...

I think I'll do that too.
thanks for the inspiration!

Kai said...

Cheers, i have my cuppa too.. Thats a groovy blues chick there..
:)PEace, Kai xx

tinker said...

Fun art, Lisa. Have a great day!

Gemma said...

Very interesting that you wrote about brighter colors being on a higher frequency (makes sense) I must be vibrating slowly my colors are muted.... although I do like color...something to think about.

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

BEE-utiful art Grogster~

BlueJude said...

Cool Beans! I too have some old canvases that I plan on altering! Happy Day GF!