Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Busy but great

I've been working lots of hours. We're opening a new store. My fellow Glitter sisters....I can't comment on Violette's site. I don't know why but it always tells me to log in and when I go to log in, it just tells me to log in again.

I may have to re-register, but for now just know that I love you and I've wanted to comment. Please let Violette know. I still read her every day.

I love and miss you. I've been working some 10 hours days. Hopefully things will get back to normal once the new store is fully open.



Me said...

take care of yourself!!

Lisa'Oceandreamer' S. said...

So glad to read this as you've been so absent I was getting worried. Although I know I shouldn't!
I hope things settle down for you soon, you are missed!!
AND loved!