Friday, August 03, 2007


I bought the pretty little paper book from JOYouz probably a year ago now. I think it may have been my first Etsy purchase ever. I always envisioned it hanging over my art space but never had a place to put it.

Now it hangs directly over my art space in the new apartment.

Last night, I was noticing how the light was catching it.

I love the light in this kitchen. We get both morning and evening sun and it's beautiful both times.

This is another cross I worked on yesterday.

It's been gessoed (I found my gesso yesterday!!) and painted and sanded within an inch of its life. I then trimmed the edges with old music. Just don't try to follow along and sing it. Ha!

And of course, that is my dear Patrick holding it for me.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day. I am getting ready to head out to work. Blech. I'm grateful....but blech! :)


judie said...

Oh drat! I missed your half price sale. Been too busy staying off the computer getting ready to fly on the big silver bird. And I DID have my eye on something. Well, I'll just wait for the next one. (I'm a bargain hunter!). Love your new blog colors Mz. Frog and soooo glad you are happy. Drop some of that glitter on my head...I need it! Gone til Sept. xoxoxoxoxo

Me said...

The light is beautiful - you are so right.

Thanks for the thoughts. I watched recovery efforts last night and made flowers. Somehow that helped.

Anonymous said...

It all looks very beautiful Lisa.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful lighting Froggy! :) Great post! Thanks for sharing with us! Have a fab. weedend! *HUGS*

miss*R said...

you are funny! you sound so excited when you discover gesso.. xoox

Dot said...

Your blog has such a happy calm feel to it these days Lisa. Love coming to visit you.

And I love seeing your latest works of art. And now you have someone to help display them for you (hi Patrick!). Love the hanging paper book and the cross is stunning.