Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Life We Want

Just having fun.

Lately I am drawn to folk and outsider art.

Bright colors become more and more important to me as I become more attuned to higher vibrations.

Life is amazing. I am finally back in the groove of visualizing.

As difficult as it may be to visualize when we are feeling hopeless, it can be hard to do so when life feels like it's perfect already. Thank goodness the vibration is a high one, though, so even when we can't focus on exactly what we want next, we are attracting brilliant things to ourselves.

Never give up. You can attract the life you want. First, be grateful for what you already have. Visualize: Taste, smell, feel exactly how you want things to be and believe they are already that way. Then ACT ACT ACT as if it is already that way. I would often ask myself, "if this thing I want were already here, what would I have to be doing? How would my life be different?" Then I would do that thing or as near to that thing as I could.

I am starting to do this again. This is one reason I am not waiting for the "right" thing to paint or draw or write. I am just "doing." I approach things intuitively. I used to think that it just meant that I didn't know what I was doing. And in a way, that is true. I can't "think" my way through art or writing. It comes only when I surrender my own thoughts and desires to the Infinite and allow myself to be a conduit. That is always the stuff I, personally, find most satisfying and usually the stuff that you guys like best. :)

Please don't give up on Visualizing. Watch videos about it. Read the stories of people who make it a part of their lives. It works!

The Creator wants Abundance for us. We simply have to accept it. The Universe conspires on our behalf. We must, however, be very clear about what we want. Don't worry about how or when.

You don't have to obsess, although obsessing worked for me! My biggest dream came true in a matter of a couple of months. Nothing was happening until I meditated and asked "What do I really want?"

The second I knew, I was grateful, visualized and began to act as if it were true.

That was in March. Today it is true in a very concrete way.

Be prepared for others to try to talk you out of your dream. Remain in harmony with the Infinite so that you are not shaken from what you know is True.

I promise it works!

I love you, my friends.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Right on!! I have this philosophy: "If you believe it then you'll see it"... it's NOT the other way around. Great post today, Lisa!

tinker said...

Great post - and I love folk and outsider art, too - those are great paintings, Lisa.

MissKoolAid said...

Words of wisdom. I love outsider art. I had a course all about it back in University. It's so free and real... know what I mean?

Your paintings are very nice. Thanks for sharing...

Dot said...

I decided to visit your blog today my friend after something icky happened at work. And am so glad I did. Thanks for the reminder that I/we can have the life we dreamed of. And that we deserve.

I need to believe that today!

Have found a beautiful new home to live in this week. And thought about you and how you found your new home. I feel that this is the start of some positive changes for me (including work).

Your outsider art is fabulous!

altermyworld said...

what a wonderful post, i am glad you are doing well it makes me smile.
are those paintings for sale or trade/

giggles said...

Oooh I just love your new art!!!....color is an awakening! I have always loved it..even when it wasn't popular to wear or use bright color!

Hugs Sherrie

Sue said...

Oh thank you, thank you, thank you for this post! I need a reminder that things are working out just perfectly and just the way they should. Keeping positive and focused and meditating to ask what do I need to know and where do I need to be. Thank you Glitter Sister for your inspiration!

Love sue xxx

miss*R said...

Lisa - I love this art. I have never heard of it before.. but I might just do something in my soul journal.
hmm just what exactly is outsider art?

Lucy said...

Wonderful post, and so true :)

I am doing better at opening myself up and just let the creative juices flow rather than force something. I don't always go into it with a plan, rather just let whatever is inside of me come out. Almost like opening up to my muse...well, not almost--it is!!