Saturday, May 12, 2007


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Yesterday I had a blah day. Even though the sun was shining, my car is running perfectly, I have all I need, I felt sorry for myself. I felt shorted somehow. No matter how beautiful the day was or how many things I tried to accomplish, I still felt sad and a little mad.

This morning I was determined to start my day differently. I picked up a book from my nightstand. It's by Dr. Michael Beckwith and is called 40 Day Mind Fast Soul Feast. It's wonderful and I recommend it highly.

It's a devotional book, meant to be read daily, one entry at a time. I have never read a devotional book that way. I always end up reading them in a sitting or two and then going back.

In this book, Dr. Beckwith reminds us of whose and who we are. He reminded me of something that I thought of intellectually yesterday but never once acted upon. He reminded me that all the guidance and everything I need for every moment of the day is all waiting to be tapped into. All I have to do is be still. Honest! That's it!

It takes a while. Being still sounds easy, but my mind is more active than I ever realized. The moment I sit, little thoughts keep leaking out and sometimes I find myself going with them and have to redirect my thinking, no actually...I have to stop my thinking. I am learning to focus on my breathing. It is the steady thing. Focusing the mind is not an automatic thing. It's like trying to stare at a dot for a long time. Your eyes want to move over to something else. The mind is the same way. The ego has so many things it finds important and picks this one moment of attempted stillness to share them all with you.

It's ok to experience this. The important thing is to keep coming back. The important thing is to not give up and think we'll never "get it." Because the amazing thing that is about to take place is worth all the stops and starts.

When stillness is reached, there is no longer ego between us and God. In fact, we realize that there is nothing between us and God.

In floods this amazing light that makes you want to bubble over with laughter. Go ahead!!! Sometimes I laugh. Sometimes I weep. It's an overwhelming emotional feeling when that light first bursts through and you know beyond doubt that it is the Source of all that is and it's bubbling through you.

I like to sit after this initial emotional feeling has ebbed and flowed and there is a tremendous feeling of calm and peace and nothing else. This is stillness and when we are still, we know. It is not belief. It is not hope. It is a dawning. It is an AHA! It is a realization of what has always been true but is now revealed to me.

Then there is a sense of gratitude. Thank you bubbles up from deep within and it's a giant, blanket Thank You. It's Thank You in general. It's deep appreciation for Being and for Knowing.

My intention for today is to hold on to this knowing for all it's worth! My intention is to let the Source flow through me to others. There are people in my life that I find it hard to love but the good news that I will try to remember today is that the Source of love is within me and the Power of that love is available to me at every moment, unceasingly and all I have to do is keep my ego and small thinking out of the way.

I made this SoulCollage card right after reading and meditating this morning. I wanted to capture this feeling of glee, of complete love and joy and peace.

I hope that you will be inspired to find this. It's right there where you are. Quiet your mind and it will shine through and fill your heart. You will feel that you can't contain it all, that there isn't room for it all. You're right. You'll have to give some away.

I love you.


GreenishLady said...

Oh, look at that light streaming in! Feel that joy! This is beautiful - both the post and the card. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh it's alright to feel sorry for yourself sometimes girly. Just hold your head up and overcome it.Which I know that you can do you have shown great courage and wisdom. :)
BEAUTIFUL WORK! ALL your work just shouts out. You can see by looking at it that you put Your inner emotions into it. Doing this is wonderful! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Gemma said...

Fantastic post Lisa.
and your art is phenomanal!!!!

judie said...

Perfectly wonderful post Lisa. I totally understand making your mind be still. It is hard. I used to try to meditate in church, and every time the meditation leader would place us somewhere peaceful like sitting along the banks of a bubbling brook in a cool forest, MY mind would be jumping around thinking about that bear that will sneak up behind me while I am sitting there. Or the grass will be wet and soggy. Sigh.........yes, it's hard to still your mind. I'm still trying.

giggles said...

Oh Lisa I have one of those minds that won’t quit. Somehow I get this wonderful solace in a tub of water. For me the water is a conduit for beautiful energy, intuition and god whispers! Many thoughts about writing come in the tub, it’s my personal time for messages of solution! This is a beautiful post full of substance; the collage exudes peace, love, joy and light!

Hugs Sherrie

tinker said...

What a joyful card! And a lovely post, Lisa - I hadn't heard of that book before, it sounds like a good one - though I have a hard time parceling those out day by day, too - and stilling my mind, moment to moment. Thanks for reminding me to try though! Love you too! XO

Tinker said...

Have a happy Mother's Day! XOXO

Cheryl Finley: said...

Dear Lisa,
What a beautiful entry...the writing...and the Card; and how empowering that you decided to make your current day better than the one before. I love reading this because it reminds me of what I know, but forget sometimes. Dr. Michael Beckwith has been an inspiration to me for about 14+ years, as well as Ernest Holmes, Louis Hay and Unity. Thank you for sharing the experience of your Oneness with Being; each time you do it prompts our soul to remember our innate union with Spirit.

Your card of light streaming in creating an intoxicating joy..makes me smile, and brings peace. Thank you, and please...keep sharing, it helps create a world consciousness of peace. Blessings to you...