Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Thank you everyone for the emails, comments and thank you ME for the phone call.

I wanted to pass something along, in case anyone else is having trouble sleeping or if you're having trouble coping or your kids are. Last night I couldn't sleep. This would have been my third night in a row without sleep and I knew that just wasn't something I could afford. When I couldn't get the day's images out of my mind I finally reached onto my bedside table and grabbed the Gratitude Beads I had made and started listing the things that made me feel grateful. I fell asleep. I suppose it's pretty much like "counting your blessings instead of sheep." But, as every night, I woke within a few minutes, but this time it was different because the beads were still in my hand and before I had time to think about anything bad, I was reminded to be grateful and so I began again. This happened a few more times until I was able to finally rest. I recommend it. It doesn't have to be beads. It could be a bracelet or just something you're not used to sleeping with...something you will notice if you wake up. Something that will remind you to think of all the things in your life that make you feel so grateful.

I am not going to watch the footage today. I think I've given it enough of my own personal energy. I will continue to send love to the victims and their families and loved ones, of course, but I will not spend another minute thinking about the the gruesome side of it all. I will spend my energy sending love and healing light to them, praying for their comfort and being grateful for the loving support that is being shown to all involved. I think the State and the Country have stepped up to the plate and I am truly grateful for that.

It's easy to get caught up in the tv footage where they review the images again and again. Once the shock is gone, some in the media turn to sensationalism and politics and I honestly don't think it's a good thing to dwell on those things. Giving our energy to those images and hostile words only fuels more bad images and hostility.

Let's focus on love and healing, for the victims, the family and friends and the nations.

I wish I could hug each and every one of you for your loving support. Your kindness never fails to buoy me up and carry me over the rough places. I carry it inside me as I try to figure how best to comfort Nick and his friends. They are all experiencing this in a different way with different emotional approaches. All I can think to do is make it known that I am available for small talk and laughs or for more serious moments when reality sinks in. Everyone reacts differently and there are many credible roads to healing.

Love to each of you.


Isabelle said...


BlueJude said...

You bring a tear me Irish eyes! lol I feel thankful for all my blogging friends and in fact just did a tribute piece called American Idols Of My Hood. On my blog if you wanna peek!
Happy Day!

tinker said...

Your gratitude beads are such a lovely comforting idea, Lisa. Keeping all of you in prayer, and sending many, many more (((hugs))).

Anonymous said...

Loves ya.

Kate said...

Lisa, I am with you here. Dr Phil said something last night that was great to a father. He said to celebrate his daughters life and not the moment of her death. The stories get to me after awhile so I have to turn it all off and focus somewhere else. The gratitude beads are so cool. I need to make some.
Love and peace to you.


LisaOceandreamer said...

It is very easy to watch endless coverage because somehow it seems the right thing to if shutting it off means you can easily do just that "shut it off". But that isn't true, carrying it our hearts, sending love and prayers and healing thoughts doesn't need to have the horrific sounds and images played continually to accomplish that.
Your gratitude beads are such a wonderful idea and since my sleep is always interrupted I think I should make some...for those moments in the night so much goes through my mind.
Again, a lovely post my sweet friend.

Anonymous said...

Lean on me, when your not strong and I'll be your strength. I'll help you carry on.
For it won't be long til' I'm gonna need somebody to lean on.

You just call on me sister if you need a friend, we all need somebody to lean on.

purple cucumbers folk art said...

thinking of you and saying prayers

Dotee said...

You are such a beautiful and tender soul Lisa. I really feel for Nick and his friends.
Know I may not be commenting much at the moment but this tragedy is very much in my heart. As you are.

I love you.


JoyceAnn said...

Love your outlook on life , Lisa. We should put our energy into love and healing. Your boys are blessed to have such a wonderful mother to help them through this emotional time. Praying for you , your boys and everyone who has been touched by this tragedy.
Love & Hugs

Isabelle said...

Lisa, I love the gratitude beads you put up on Etsy. Check it out, everyone!

Gemma said...

So often the press focus on the violence and not enough on the goodness of the victims.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Sending prayers of peace and comfort to your son, friends, and you. Such a tragedy, a senseless tragedy.