Saturday, April 14, 2007


Hi y'all. I was feeling all spiffy in my new SoulCollage® t-shirt today so I took a pic. So now you know just what I look like today. I know. Your lives are so much better now, right? LOL

Well, guess what? I missed my bloggiversary! It was last week and I totally forgot. I knew it was in April but until this morning, I hadn't checked to see what date. It was on the 7th last year that I started Groggy Froggy.

Boy, a lot has changed for me over this year, both externally and internally. I expect major life changes this year as I continue to create my future! Life is so awesome and wonderful, mysterious and joyful and beautiful!!

I wish to give something away for this bloggiversary. I am so grateful to you who read my blog and give me such incredible feedback. I have never had such a support system and it is such a gigantic help to have! Thank you so much for the gifts you give to me through visiting here and by sharing yourselves on your own blogs and allowing me to be a part of that.

I am going to offer you a choice. I have a doll. She is a sleeping baby art doll. She's about the 3rd one I made, I think. Doll

Or, you can have a print of Start Now this.

Just leave a comment letting me know which you'd like to have. Next Saturday, I'll draw a name and send you the prize of your choice.

Thanks again everyone. Much love to you all.


Pam Aries said...

Oh... To choose! I can't choose! They are both awesome!!! Okay...the print, no wait the doll... . I enjoyed your post today, as always! I cannot agree with you more ! The cyber conection ROCKS!

Pam Aries said...

The Print. I will take the print! that is if I win!

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of ya froggy!!! LOLOL It doesn't look like it flashed. It always has a HUGE flash when I do that...
Anyhoo, you should know that your inspiring to others as well. At least you are to me. :)
If I win I would like the print. If it's 2.5" X 3.5" that would be GREAT! I'm making a book to put my my couch and I could put you in it. If ya do that, please send me your buisness card or if ya don't have one a lil note with information about you on it. WOOO HOOOO! :)

Anonymous said...

The print please :D

Looking good Mrs Frog! You must have started blogging a little before I did I think it was April when I started with my long deleted old blog Seeking His Glory...ahhh those were the days eh?

Hugs and happy bloggiversary.

tinker said...

Happy Bloggiversary, Lisa! So glad you decided to start blogging so we could all get to know you. Love the photo - you do look pretty spiffy in that t-shirt! Even though I didn't discover your blog till the summer (I think), I'm looking forward to another year of following your journey...

Kai said...

congraddies on your blogbirthday.. :)
And congrads to you Lisa, it's been s much fun to watch you grow and change over the year, to become a better artist, to find out neato stuff about your hidden talents..
I be happy with any art from you.. what a lovely jesture.. :) as pam says,this rocks!!
PEace, Kai xo

SiouxSue said...

Love them both, but especially the doll. Also, it's great to see your photo!!

craftyhala said...

Happy Bloggiversary to you. Your print is beautifully done and the doll is so sweet. If I were to win, I would like the doll. I want to learn to make one myself and yours would be an inspiration to me. It is now, but it would be lovely to hold and see!

Isabelle said...

Happy Blogiversary, Lisa! You are so beautiful. Love that picture of you. Can't believe you're been blogging for a year already!
Your gifts are so generous. I love the sleeping doll.
Have a lovely Sunday!

Dotee said...

You are beautiful Lisa. Love the photo of you in your Soulcollage tshirt!
Belated happy blogaversary. I am so pleased that positive changes continue to sweep through your life. You are certainly making things happen my friend.
Anyone would be privileged to own some of your art.

JoyceAnn said...

Happy Blogiversary ! Love your Print .

Me said...

You, my friend, look adorable.....and beautiful....and very young. :)

Hulda said...

Happy blog aniversery, Lisa! I have really enjoyed to take looks at your blog. I hope you will post some pictures from your garden this year too. It is great with the springtime. :)

You look so sweet at the photo, you reminded me of some woman from an old English film. :)

Anonymous said...

oh I love the dolly. Great pic of you.

LisaOceandreamer said...

You are beautiful! You are a light in blogland I am so glad was lit! Here's to another year of watching you blossom and shine your light even more.
I would be honored to receive whatever you choose, should I win, but since I know you asked us to choose I will say the the print...not the doll.. see! ok the doll!
Much love,

mrsnesbitt said...

The doll!
Love it!

A comment????
Hmmmmmmmmmm I like the doll!

Great piccie!


wish studio said...

wonderful connecting with you as well! isn't the blogworld wonderful in that way? i love meeting new creative souls :)
xo, mindy

Gemma said... precious you are. I'd love to have either one if I win.

altermyworld said...

I would like either but most of all i just want you to stay around, you keep me grounded on many days.

Izabella said...

wow!! Mz Beauty're oh so beautiful :)

xo ~Bella