Friday, April 13, 2007

Answers, Atcs, aceos, and kids

Here are two more. I worked on these last night after I uploaded the others, although I didn't finish Comfort until today.

To answer some questions.

Me said... Is it me or is your style shifting?

I've always loved this kind of art but I think doing the SoulCollage cards opened me up to these types of images a bit more. Instead of trying to make pretty cards, I just find images that express something I'm feeling or thinking about and go from there. I have been having an intense spiritual re-awakening lately, thanks to some quiet time alone to think and meditate, and I think it is reflecting in my art. I am grateful for both the reawakening and the creativity.

Sarah said...I'm a little disturbed by the clock in the second angel's head - and she looks haunted. Is it a picture of an icon?

I think it may be an icon. I didn't really mean for it to be disturbing but I didn't mind it either. I'm pleased with it because it reflects how I was feeling and how, I'm sure, we all feel from time to time. I loved this particular atc because I painted it a while back and it's just been hanging around waiting for a proper image. When I saw this one, I knew it was the one and I love the way the colors in the icon look against the colors of the painted background. It wasn't until I was cutting her out that I realized her head was chopped a bit. Funny how our eyes fill in the bits that aren't there. That's why I had to find something to go "in" her head. lol

JoyceAnn said...I've made 2 cards myself , one is a 4x4 and the other is a 5x8. I'm not sure which size I like best. What size are yours ?

My last few SoulCollage cards are 5"x8". The first couple were 5"x7" and then I realized the standard size. I think 4x4 would be a nice size for fitting in your hand as a deck. I've read that some people scan and shrink theirs and have them laminated. I think that sounds neat.

I recently ordered (and received) a SoulCollage t-shirt and the Hanford Mead (Publishing) folks sent me some 5"x8" matboard to play with. Wasn't that nice of them? I was tickled pink and have been enjoying having the sturdier stuff to work on.

I think that was all the questions. Even though my cards might come across as dark sometimes, I'm fine. Sometimes the atcs are a reflection of the music I may be listening to at the time or the images I've just happened to come across or are just a release from the kind of intense soul-searching of the SoulCollage cards.

It's difficult to explain what I'm feeling. It had honestly been so long since I'd had thoughts beyond the day's events or beyond what everyone else has needed me to think (worry) about. With Tim gone, I have a lot of quiet time for thinking and it's like stretching after being kinked up for a long time. I've really needed this.

Have a great weekend everyone. I have an unexpected child with me this weekend. :) Tom and Michael went out of town and Nick didn't want to spend Spring Break out of town so he called last night and asked if he could hang out here. "Of course!!!!" We enjoyed our coffee together this morning and I took him to lunch (Chinese, yumm) and then while I was taking a walk, his girlfriend came by and whisked him away to a park. lol He's living a pretty good life, too, don't ya think? :) Cute, aren't they?


Pam Aries said...

Okay.. See! You Make me THink! I am glad to know that I am not the only one to not realize it is Friday 13! wooo hoooo! And..ain't it grand to be young and in love!

tinker said...

What a cute couple! and what beautiful couple of cards you've made, too. I'm really enjoying the images you're putting together in your SoulCollage cards.
Glad you're finding some time for yourself, Lisa. Enjoy your weekend! xo

Anonymous said...

What a handsome couple!

I hope I didn't offend you by thinking she looked haunted :) I do admire your artistic ways. I thought that because the clock was showing 12 that maybe it was midnight, it said a dark time next to it and her eyes looked scared (to me :)) so I figured maybe she's haunted as midnight is the traditional time for spooks to come out. I thought maybe she's haunted by bad dreams or ghosts of the past? Hehehehe see how I can read so much into your picture and you meant something completely different. I am a bit of a dunce when it comes to art though,

Hugs my friend, and thanks for answering my question xx

Blue the Spa Girl said...

Cute couple! You are really cooking with these Soul Collage cards. As for the shrink and laminate idea, sounds great. That way you could use them as a deck. And not worry about wrecking the originals. Yours are fantastic Lisa.


Me said...

I like the second one. For some reason the phrase on it puts me in mind of the hymn that starts "And can it be..."

And yes they are a totally adorable couple!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful work! I love your SoulCollage cards! GREAT JOB!
I have to say that that couple really looks wonderful together. Smiles..and you can tell they are happy. :)

BlueJude said...

I'm glad you're opening up to another route in your art. That is great! I've been thinking of getting back into some ACEO's. I need a change. And yes, they are a cute couple! Happy Saturday!

Dotee said...

Beautiful shot of Nick and his girlfriend. Makes me have faith in love!

I love how you take time to reflect on your art. And answer questions people may have.

Am loving this new dimension to you my friend. xoxoxo

miss*R said...

i love your latest work - it is so soul stirring - where do you get the gorgeous images?
good for you have an intense spiritual awakening - I love times like that - as rough as they are for me - I know they are making me into who I am growing to an adrenalin rush in a way - who needs drugs? hee, hee xoxo