Saturday, March 17, 2007

Start Now

Start Now
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When I was cleaning my bedroom closet, I came across a painting that Tim and I bought from a friend several years ago. The painting is now up in my studio. He had packaged it against a nice piece of foam board. I decided to it needed some paint on it. This has been a do-a-little-step-away-do-a-little-more kind of project. I finally was able to get lost in it last night (after Lois's door was shut for the night) and this morning (before Lois's door is open for the day). 10pm to 10am. I happened across Oprah After The Show last night around midnight and she had "The Secret" people on there again. That's a great thing to hear right before sleeping. As a result I woke up with the words in this piece going through my mind. Then the smaller images made their way on. I love this piece. It came from my heart. I was "vibin' high" as one of the people on Oprah said last night. lol This is a piece that I would want to buy if I saw it on another artist's site. (I have almost depleted my paypal account buying art this week!). It feeds me. Editing to add: I felt the need to come back and clarify this statement. I don't mean "wow this is so great I'd buy it." I mean that it came from my heart and touches me when I look at it in that same way that art from others often touches my heart and insists on being mine. I can't believe that I have had the wonderful gift of art appreciation thrust upon me at this point in my life. I was a music major. Most of the time when I was in college, I was surrounded by art and artists. I remember going to galleries and being stirred, but only temporarily. Now I crave it. I want to be surrounded by it. I know exactly what I love. I am so grateful for this gift of loving art. Making it, observing it..mine, yours, ours.

The face in this piece is from Nancy Baumiller. The body is from Coldwater Creek catalogue. Some of the smaller images are from Somerset Magazine and the rest are bits and pieces from local papers and old music books. The paint is cheapola acrylic craft paint. I used stencils and pens and a sharpie. The seal is from a card from my mortgage company. I'd been saving him for something special. My mortgage guy was the best!!! He made it happen. Another thing for which I am totally grateful. I enjoy my house a lot.

What are you grateful for today? Go have a think about that. :) Feel the gratitude flow through your heart.

I am grateful for you, my bloggy friends. I am grateful for the people who inspire me. So many of you inspire me in so many ways. I hope you know who you are. For every two I name, there are three I'm leaving I hope that you know who you are. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!


Angela said...

That is sooo sweet and thoughtful of you! I am thankful for sooo many things, I don't know that I can type them all out. Here I go....first and formost...I am greatful for the little things, being able to move my fingers now that I learned how hard it can be. Walking, eating, air, all the wonderful things God has given us all! I am greatful that I have my family as support and to help me. I am greatful to have the friendships of other artist's, like yourself. It is truely a wonderful gift to have the internet! If I didn't, I don't know if I would have the ability to meet soo many people.

That is a wonderful piece of art! One that I would want to buy as well. GREAT POST!

Terri /Tinker said...

Lisa, this is wonderful! I love all the words and images, the colors - it's AWESOME!

And thank you again, my friend, for that wonderful e-mail - I truly LOVE that. You are so thoughtful and talented, Lisa - and I love that you're sharing your journey with all of us through your blogging - and sweet e-mails!

judie said...

I am grateful to have made it thru that #%%!!@ flu and grateful to be visiting blogs again and grateful my blogger friends didnt forget me and grateful for this wonderful world we live in. Even tho I complain sometimes, down deep I am full of gratitude that I am not worse off than I am.

SiouxSue said...

Wow, Lisa, I really like it! I love the words, color, everything! Great job!

Kali said...

Beautifully put and said, I can hear and feel what you mean.
Thanks for your comments Lisa, even though I am often too busy too visit and comment on all the great/fantastic people that blog...I really do appreciate your time.

Are you having any problems logging onto etsy today? It's been over 13 hours since I've been able to get on!

LisaOceandreamer said...

Lisa, this piece is just fabulous!! The colors are so vibrant, the message so positive all you were feeling came out in this piece. I can fully understand your happiness with it. I love your enthusiasm, I love your love for art, I love your ability to express it, I love the feeling you give from your words. You are a very bright spot in this world and I for one am quite grateful we are GPS together.
Love and hugs,

Lucy said...


This is a great piece, I also love the color combination together and the messages that speak out within the painting/collage. Thank you for sharing it with us!


Pam Aries said...

Lisa! What a wonderful , heartfekt post! I love it when I read suc hpositive and inspirational words! I agree with yiou whleheartedly! You are always being creative and that is what it is all about! love to you!!!!

Julie H said...

Oh I know what you mean - when a piece just comes from your heart! And this one is wonderful - I could look at it for longer.

As to grateful, my friends and family, my fur people and my art, my Jesus and so much more - not in this order.

giggles said...

Wonderful vibrant piece of Art Lisa! Well done! I have a passion for orange lately! That combination is so pleasing! I know exactly what you mean about finding art this late. That’s my story too. Who knew? It’s so exciting…I wish I’d realized years ago that anything is acceptable. Instead I boxed myself into making cakes, decorating and sewing….…I thought art had to be conventional and structured perfectly to be okay. When really, much like music, it’s an expression of self. I am grateful for more than anyone would imagine! Including everything that has made me stronger!

BlueJude said...

Very cool! I am grateful for wonderful blog friends like you!

Dotee said...

This is a beautiful piece of art Lisa. I can tell it comes straight from your heart (as does everything you create).

I am grateful for many things.

Grateful for your friendship.
Grateful that I am able to create art every day.
Grateful to live in Australia.
Grateful to be loved by friends and family near and far.
Grateful for my art.
Grateful for the love of my kitties (even the adventurous Esmeralda who gave me such a scare this week).
Grateful for the roof over my head.
Grateful for this blogging community.

So many things!