Thursday, March 08, 2007

Moving Furniture

Dining room
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I can barely move this morning! Why? Well, see this dresser in my dining room? It was in my bedroom, full of my clothes. Where are my clothes now? Well, they are in the chest of drawers that used to be in my son's bedroom. Where will he put his clothes? I don't know. He says he'd rather have a drawing table than a dresser, so his clothes will probably just be stacked neatly....somewhere. He has big closets so we'll probably just hang everything eventually. Right now, a lot of Michael's stuff is still in there. We need to go through it.

So...a recap. I moved the bookshelf from the dining room into the living room and reloaded it with books. I moved my dresser (which was TIm's grandmother's) into the dining room to use as a sideboard. I love it! (and I hid more books in it) I moved Nick's chest of drawers (which was MY grandmother's) into my room and reloaded it with my clothes and found homes and put the very heavy television way up on top. If I'd known I was going to do all that I might not have chosen yesteday to do a set of squats. I also carried things up and down the steps to the basement.

I thought I would sleep great last night and I did for a couple of hours but then I had to get up and take Tylenol. LOL I suddenly realized that Tuesday is quickly upon me and I have to figure out table decorations for the Presbyterian Luncheon on Tuesday. I have to take Tim's mom to the doctor today. Michael has after school detention (he was late for class three times this year..twice on the same day lol he has lunch in the middle of class..isn't that crazy?) so I have to pick him up later. Suddenly, I who was just bragging that my thoughts never keep me awake at night, was being kept awake by my thoughts.

Thank God for the internet. I got up at 3, made a cup of tea and googled table decorations. I found pictures that matched some ideas I already had so that made me feel better. I'll pick up some stuff today sometime.

At least I woke up to a newly decorated house this morning. I really like it. It feels good and balanced. It feels like a true representation of me. Maybe the reason I don't lke to do things until Tim is gone is that I could never stand to be watched during the process (by anyone) because I don't like for things to be judged while I'm trying them out. I will put 10 things in the same space before I settle on one if I'm alone. If someone is watching me, I don't do that. I just settle for something.

I also can't stand to be asked "what are you doing?" why are you doing it that way?" "Wouldn't it make more sense to do it THIS way?"

Well, anyway. I am happy with what I've accomplished. There is a lot more to do. My bedroom became the dropoff point for everything that got cleaned out of a room so I'll have to figure out places for that stuff.

But not today. If I wreck my back, I'll have a heck of a time getting Lois in and out of bed to take her to the bathroom. I'll be glad to get this Drs appointment over with. Taking her places is a real circus.

My coffee's ready so I'm going to grab a cup and wander around the internet a bit. Lots of love to all of you.

May God be with the families and friends involved in the fire in New York this morning.

Also send out a few prayers and hugs to my glitter sister Pam who had to make a tough decision about her dear companion, a greyhound named Lobo.

I am going to be part of the spring giveaway..well, not me but something I make-teehee- but I haven't decided just what yet. Probably a spirit doll, if that sounds good to you guys. I'll try to get that more concrete later today.

Ok..I'll let ya go now. Bye. :)


She Who Flies said...

Hi Lisa. Thanks for dropping by my place and saying such kind things :-) Wow, you've been up to a lot! We seem to be in the same mode, as I've started packing our home in preparation for our move to England. Ok, I'm not yet shifting heavy furniture or anything.. :-) I hope an easy and painfree day awaits you today.

smilnsigh said...

I don't know which to do first.... Congratulate you on your accomplishments? Or Holllllllar At You for doing tooooo much in one day! Eeeek!!!

Well, what's done is done, so hollaring at you, will do no good. -grin- But let's not repeat this, right away again, hu? Hu? Hu? Hu? ,-)

But you do feel all yummy, at the changes, I know. That part is always good. :-))))


Gemma said...

Wow you were really busy...your dining room looks great!!! Had to laugh you did all that after doing squats...LOL

BlueJude said...

The switching of the dressers sounds very funny! Something I would do. And btw I would love a Spirit doll!

Izabella said... of my favorite things to do!

It looks very nice~ such a wonderful feeling to wake up to a new look~

lia said...

ohmygosh! I did the same thing today! lol! I saw this and chuckled. I will feel it tomorrow I am VeRY sure. I have to be careful with my back. but that didn't stop me. I just prayed and moved stuff. I had to move one thing back think I will take pickies when I'm done. still workin' it though.
saw the post above on giveaway. I will have to read through it again. I got overwhelmed with the info the first time I saw it. I will go back since you mentioned it. xo Lia

Anonymous said...

Reagan is soooo cute, what a pretty cat. I have nights where I can't sleep for 'thinking'. Sometimes it's because I am worrying sometimes it's because I am excited about something and have an urge to run around our street to work off some energy.

Your moving around pictures look great. Hugs.

Me said...

Oh I so know - and you know I don't think it is so much the physical pain or even the other stuff that we have that we 'ought' to worry about that keeps us up. It is simply the fact that we expended so much creative energy that our blood is running haywire (sorry for the mixed metaphor or as O. Henry would say, the hashed metaphor).

giggles said...

Lisa your dining room looks adorable, quaint and cozy. I love how pretty and comfy it is, my favorite kind of space. Like you, I enjoy figuring out where to put things on my own. It’s a slow process, and I don’t like to be questioned about it either! It’s that added energy that seems to detract from the task at hand! Looks wonderful! Sorry you couldn’t sleep I can relate to that too! Yes thank goodness for the internet, and bridge to the outside world!It must be a bit of Spring fever!

Hugs Sherrie