Saturday, January 06, 2007

Saturday fun

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This is not at all the direction I meant to go in, but 'tis the season almost. I might sell this one in my shop.

Dec'd out box
I've had this box around for a while. It's a wooden box that I got at ACMoore. I decided to paint and decoupage it. I'll put odds and ends in it . I couldn't help but think of Hulda while I was working on it and still now every time I look at it. :)

I went to WalMart and picked up a few things and also to Barnes&Noble. Oh yea, and Joannes. I got three magazines so I'm having a nice sit-in with them. So much inspiration.

I picked up the sweethearts on the collage, too. Tim's idea. Last night I was saying that I wasn't too sure about the collage. Tim said he liked it but he thought it needed something in that corner and then he suggested the candies. Isn't that cool?

The butterflies are from The Grove-N-Mountain website. The medicine page behind might be too. They have some really pretty things that are free to print for your personal use. The couple is from Flickr ephemera group and the rest from stuff I had in my stash...local papers, magazines, paint sample sheets, trims, lace, beads, a pearl necklace to cut up, buttons, a pin...hmmmm oooh red lace paper I got from Chrysti's Covet-me store on ebay. Fun stuff.

Have a good one everybody.


Anonymous said...

Howdy! i am taking a break from my acursed art room revamp! ha! Your Valentine box is greattttt! I love the candies! Kudos to Tim! I have to say....I love my inspiration box so much!!!! I am making one for one of my 'bestest' friends who lives next door and is , sadly for me, moving back to her upstate New York home. I am going to surprise her with it.! Thank you so much ! it is amazing how some things have so much glittery power!

Anonymous said...

Ah I love the card! And I can see why you thought of Hulda with the little box, yes it reminds me of her taste too.

Beth said...

Oh, I love your box and the other collage. Your so talented! I will have to check out that website that you linked. Hope your having a wonderful Saturday! Where is the snow at this year? lol

Lisa said...

lol Pam It's so much more fun to mess it up, isn't it? I'm so happy that you liked your box and I'm glad you're doing one for your friend. Sorry she's moving away. :( That sux.

Sarah, yeah. I hope she sees it here. hehe Thanks so much! The card is actually an 8x10 canvas board. I write descriptions on Flickr and then forget to describe stuff in my blog.

Beth, thank you so much. Golly, I don't know what's happened to the snow. lol But I have to be honest...I'm loving the eternal spring. I had breakfast on my front porch early this morning and even the birds sounded like spring birds.

Anonymous said...

I really like the box...although the candy heart touch as suggested by Tim makes the card very, very special.

Julie H said...

The dolly down below is just delux - I lvoe her spare clothes.

What a beautiful box you have made!

Tell me Miss Lisa did you eat some of those candies while using them to embellish - I hope so.

Anonymous said...

I love to decoupage too. I have been saving some gift boxes and plan to decorate them for the spring time.

Anonymous said...

I bought several boxes at AC moore but haven't got around to doing anything with them. Your post inspires me to create something beautiful with them. Love your collages. Nice work.


Anonymous said...

I love the little box you have collaged it is so bright and colourful.

Anonymous said...

what an adorable box!

I got some of that red lace paper from Christy a while back. It's very pretty!