Monday, January 08, 2007

Danglie Thing

Danglie Thing
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I made this little hanging thing today. I used bubble wrap to paint the hot pink dotty part. This time I had Nick take the pic with his phone but I still can't get a good picture. I think I'm going to have to get a new camera. I have a birthday coming up in March.

KnifeTim made this knife. He used a deer antler (don't look PETA folks). If it's any consolation, the antlers were in the basement when we got here. I bought the blade for Tim as part of his birthday present. He made the handle from the antler and put them together. Pretty cool, huh?


Anonymous said...

Am I on this PC too much or WHAT!!!! WEll okay...I look at it as time to talk to my friends or see if they posted something cool! BINGO! I love your Danglie Thing! ( uh...that sounds kinda weird..heh heh) I like the bubble wrap printing! You are so 'prolifically' creative !

Anonymous said...

Lisa - you are making so much art lately. I am loving seeing everything you create. And seeing your art develop. Love your ' danglie thing' - very technical term he hee...

And Tim has done an amazing job on his knife handle (love the shape of it).

I have been meaning to thankyou for your beautiful words you wrote on my blog about my art. Your faith in me, and my talents gives me so much encouragement (it really does).

You are a sweetheart!!

Anonymous said...

I like the pink danglie thingie.
It is fun!
I like as well the knife, I love knives! Weird? Maybe! LOL, in a mythical, old fashioned kind of way, not a serial killer sort of way. Okay? LOL
I do love swords and knives and this one is special because it is homemade...looks like one you would pay a lot of $$$ for.

Lisa said...

lol Pam You and me, both, Sistuh...but it's good healthy fun, right? Thanks. I got the idea for the beading from your Christmas card. :)

Dotee, Thank you so much and yes I am very technical, aren't I? Hope it doesn't go over anyone's head. hehehe

I'll pass on the compliment to Tim. He'll appreciate it.

You deserve all beautiful words, my friend.

Blue, ROFL I wasn't worried. I'm glad you like the knife. I'll let Tim know. :)

Anonymous said...

what a clever hubby.

and I love the pretty dangly thing.

And YES get yourself a digital camera they're grrrrrreat!

Anonymous said...

Yes, pretty cool! I like the knife!