Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mo Jo

Mo Jo
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Boy, you guys really didn't like that last one, did you? LOL

Well, we've all mentioned times of being unable to find our crafting mojo, our muse, inspiration, etc....so today I put together this little gal.

My first thought was to make a doll so that we could each have one. Small, pin-size and maybe even wearable. Then I thought of making her with beads...then I thought of a doll. I was thinking up all sorts of things that I apparently can't do. lol All I could see was this skirt thing, in every version of her I came up with. I pinned these fabric pieces onto a patchworked piece of fabric, but it wasn't quite coming together, so I started putting her on paper. I didn't like her for most of the day. I put her away and when I came back to her, I could see that she needed legs...and then the little toes made me fall in love with her.

So, here's Mo Jo. I'm keeping her right at my desk to help me keep that crafting thang going.

I've been having fun and it's easier to try out different things when you don't have to run all over creation gathering materials. Lovin' my craft space. :)

Ok...well, now I'm just ramblin' so...see ya later.


Isabella in the 21st Century said...

Hi Lisa

Sooo funny! I really adore Mo Jo...are you the John Lee Hooker of crafting now?

Miss Robyn said...

Hi Lisa - thanks for the hugs - on my blue day. I am sure this will pass once we get some warm weather! I sure hope so.
is this your main blog? I had a quick look at your art, love it! I am going to do myself a blue collage tonight, it might help rid myself of the melancholy xo

Lisa said...

heeee I'm glad you like her plainandsimple. You cracked me up.

Miss^r I sure hope the warm weather cheers you up. It usually works for me as well. Around here, we're waiting for some cooler weather.

Yes, this is my main blog. I rarely write on Messy Musings...only when I feel really, really moved to.

I hope you'll show us a pic of your blue collage! I'm glad you like mine. Makes me feel good. :)

Kristi said...

It's very interesting. I might do one too. If I do, I'll post a picture. I still haven't gotten around to painting my lightswitch covers....but I will....eventually. LOL


Amy said...

I love her skirt - looks like flower petals!

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog... now I have your cute blog on my list of ones to check out. I love your art... it's really awesome and inspiring!

Emma said...

I think she's cute!

Hulda said...

It looks very funny to make such collages! :)

Lisa said...

Kristi, I'd love to see it! I actually decided to use one of my outlet covers and I like it. I need to take the switchplates off and paint them. lol

Amy, that's exactly what I wanted her skirt to look like. Thank you...made my day. :)

Gillian, wow, thanks a bunch! I appreciate that.

Hehe thanks Emma. :)

Hulda, it really is. I just kind of get lost in glue and paper. Feels good!

Cindi said...

She is a little sassy looking with that hand on her hip! big grin!

Lisa said...

lol that's how I feel about her when I can't think of anything to "make" or I think of something but don't know HOW. She's mocking me sometimes. hehehe

Lisa Oceandreamer Swifka said...

OH that mojo thing, it either overwhelms you with ideas or stalls right when you need it most. I am glad you got it moving.....it is so cathartic when it gets going!
Lisa (the other one)

Lisa said...

Whew, me too! Glad you stopped by. :)