Friday, August 25, 2006

I have copied this post from Hidden Haven Farm. If you are a crafter who can donate something, I thought you might be interested...or you might be interested in bidding...or just thinking positive thoughts or praying. I think all the info you need is in the following post from Hidden Haven Farm (oh and this Lisa is not me..don't be confused):

Helping a Blog Neighbor
Please, Please post this on your own blog so we can get the word out to as many people as possible!I will start the auction next week with each item having 5 days of bidding time before its closed and winner is announced. So lets see how many items we can auction off and how much money we can raise for Lisa and family.Edit to say you don't have to be a blogger to donate an item for auction or be in the USA. We have people donating from all over the world. Just email a photo of the item, a small description and price to start bidding at. I will post all the items on Hidden Haven so everyone can see all the items and hopefully bid lots!Ooops, my email addy: Already getting great response... thanks everyone! this is going to be a great auction and Lisa will be so blessed!I posted about a blog friend and her husband going through some rough times and ask you to visit her blog. you everyone that left her such kind comments. I had several emails about wanting to do something more for her family so Ms. Robyn and I put on our thinking caps and came up with what we think is a great ideal. We are going to have an internet auction right here on Hidden Haven! I know all of you are crafty or have something hidden away that you would like to donate for auction. If you will email a photo of what you are willing to donate and a starting price I should start the bid at plus a little description I will post the photos of what we will be auctioning off along with the rules of the auction. Everyone can bid in the comments and that way see who is bidding and the highest bid. When the auction is over the winner will pay through paypal and when I have received the payment I will contact the person who donated that item with the address so they can mail it to the winner. I will collect the auction money in my paypal and then send the total amount raised to Lisa and family. So besides donating I will be asking that you mail your item also. That may make you want to keep items small or light in weight. I also ask that you post about this auction on your blogs so your friends will see and hopefully bid. It would be so wonderful to raise a lot of money to help this family. So everyone pull out those craft items, those collectibles, artwork, books, etc. and lets show the world what good blog neighbors we are.

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Pam Aries said...

Hi Lisa! You asked me if I knew Dierdra Martin. Does she live in Charleston? I knew a Dee (Short for Dierdra) hmmmm... Pam