Thursday, August 24, 2006

Collaged Gift Bag

Collaged Gift Bag
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I worked most of yesterday (off and on, of course) on this gift bag. My plan was to offer it in my etsy shop but I'm not satisfied completely with it. I used decoupage glue on it and when the light hits it, you can see the streaky glares. I'll use the bag, though. I like the way it turned out except for the mod podge.

I found these great perforated cards in a magazine. It's an ad for dressbarn. I think it was in Country Living. I glued magazine pictures over the advertisements, then placed them on the gift bag and added lace trim, ribbon and buttons. I also made 2 matching gift tags. I like them better than the bag, actually.

I took closeups of the tags but they were blurry, sorry. I either need a new camera or a new photographer. ;)


Hulda said...

The gift bag is so lovely! I like the colours on it, and the laces too. Very cute!

Lisa said...

Hulda, thanks. I really like the colors too. I'm not surprised you like the roses and the lace. hehe

Roberta said...

It's pretty Lisa. I think homemade touches make the gift that much more meaningful.
Off topic, may I ask do you know if something has gone wrong with Mrs. Blythe's blog? I click on the link and it says the blog is not found. Thought maybe you might know.
Thanks! :)

Lisa said...

Roberta, thanks.

I'm afraid Mrs. Blythe has decided to stop blogging. She felt she was devoting too much time to it. I know she'd love an email from you, though. I can email you her address if you like.

Roberta said...

Thanks Lisa. I wondered, guess
I missed her final post. That is probably wise I know I have been contemplating the same these past weeks.
Sure I can drop her an email saying good-bye. Mine is debtor2mercy(@)gmail(dot)com.
God Bless :)

Isabella in the 21st Century said...

I love the gift bag for so many reasons. Firstly, it's so pretty, but also they can be easily re-used by the person you give the gift to! Economical and environmentally sound!

Kristi said...

Now this I like. Using Scrapbooking supplies would make all kinds of different bags. Great idea!! :)