Saturday, July 22, 2006

Baby Shoes

Baby Shoes
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This is my latest craft obsession. I thrifted a bunch of baby shoes and am now painting them. It's so fun! I sealed them with a spray acrylic to protect the paint and it made them shiny, too..always a plus.

Tim and Emily (my stepdaughter came yesterday to stay for the summer...yay!) think they would make great planters. lol

Baby shoes

Baby Shoes

Baby shoes


Tracy Baby said...

Your baby shoes are amazing, do you sell them? or are they gifts?I also just wanted to leave an encouraging note about your last post ,I don't homeschool my kids but at only 14 dont give up hope of your son being able to change hang on in there, what kids need to know most is that you aren't going to give up on them.

Lisa said...

Tracy Thank you so much! He's a kid with a good heart...just not a lot of common sense right now. I definitely won't give up on him and thank you for reminding me to let him know that. :)

About the shoes, I'm thinking about selling them. I thought I'd see how people liked them first. I'm a chicken. lol

Vintage Wine said...

Wow, what a great idea! I think you should sell them because they`re really pretty! :-)

Emma said...

How adorable, Lisa!! I LOVE these shoes :) I am enjoying your many different craft ideas very much. You are so imaginative.

Anonymous said...

They are so cute. Are they wearable then? Are they Etsy shoppable? I've still got my eye on a bookmark and brooch.

Hulda said...

Really pretty babyshoes, Lisa! At first I thought you had bought them. Nice!

Lisa said...

Wow. Thanks for all the nice comments everyone. You've made my day. I actually got the idea from an old craft book.

Sarah, they are wearable, as long as they didn't get chewed on. They have about 3 coats of an acrylic sealer sprayed on them over the paint. I'll have to see what size they are. I forget. I haven't put them in the shop yet, but I think I will now.

Thanks for the encouragement everyone.

Amy said...

Those are so incredible! Looks like a really fun project. I'll never look at baby shoes the same way again :)

Kali said... cute!
Lisa these are adorable...what a great job!
p.s. thanks for the lovely birthday comment :)

Katrina said...

Hi Lisa, the baby shoes are adorable, you are such a talented girl!

Lisa said...

Thanks Amy, Kali and Katrina. You are all so encouraging. I really appreciate it.