Thursday, June 01, 2006

What I've Been Working on Today

I sewed a cloth for the toilet tank and went around the house gathering things with which to decorate. I love "home shopping." I think we should have a blogring called HSN..home shopping network...for us thrify types. I bought the cat angel picture at that church yard sale a few weeks ago. The little black box..hmm..I honestly can't remember...probably the dollar store and it has little post-it love notes from Tim and the kids that I've saved. It was on a high shelf in my bedroom unappreciated. The hearts are made of felt. I made them a few months ago and had them hanging in different places. They seemed to go well with the picture. The shelf is the one I painted a couple of weekends ago.

I don't know if you can make this out (my batteries are giving out). I'm not quite sure what it is meant to be; perhaps a planter. It's been sitting in my dining room as a decoration (because everything green went in my dining room lol)and today I moved it to the bathroom and put the extra toilet paper rolls in it. A perfect fit. The cool thing about this little container is that I bought it at a moving sale; the moving sale at this house the day I found out the house was for sale. Beside it is a star shaped magazine holder that I bought at the thrift store. I was going to paint it, but the gold star matches the gold stars in the cat picture.

The basket on the toilet tank was outside in storage. Last year I kept a plant in it. I had put it in a wicker trunk on the front porch. I cleaned it up and sat it in the sun for a while this morning and it's good as new.

These were two prints I bought from Avon at a discount when I worked for them. :) I love Kimble's stuff.

I've done a few other things this morning but I'm sure you agree that I've put up enough pics. Enough already, right? :)

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

My computer is being annoyingly slow and won't download all the pictures you posted. It did download the cat one though - lol! I love the shelf, felt heart and box and toilet roll holder (also downloaded) but no show on the picture prints or toilet cover. :o(Maybe I can see them later). I like the idea of home shopping network! I like to move things around and display things that have been hidden away with new-found appreciation. :o)

Lisa said...

Phooey on the slow computer. My page is getting slower to load I've noticed. I think I have a few too many graphics and things on, plus all the photos. I won't add any more graphics. I think there are quite enough anyway.

I like to move things around and display things that have been hidden away with new-found appreciation. :o)
Me too; so much fun!

Karen said...

As always, you've done an excellent job! It all looks very lovely.

Just by moving a few things around, or bringing out something that I had in storage makes me feel like I've gotten something new too. A very nice feeling sometimes. :)

Again, Lisa, congratulations on a lovely job.

Anonymous said...

Hurrah! Pictures loaded. I like the pictures (especially the piggy) and the little toilet tank decoration. My daughter left me a little decoration in the toilet room today, mashed up chocolate biscuit. I was a little tentative when I first saw it, until I realised it was biscuit - phew. And then I realised I need to teach this little mucky-pup some basic hygiene - i.e. don't take snacks into the toilet! lol.

Lisa said...

lol Kids!

Lisa said...

The candleholder on the tank was a gift from my son. I almost forgot that. :)

Hulda said...

Hi, a lot of nice things you got there. I agree, your hearts really look good together with the picture. Nice. :) And I like the pictures of the animals too.

Deb said...

Hi Lisa, I'm in Greenville, SC, on the way to the wedding and decided to check in to Groggy Froggy on my sister's computer. :) I love all your pictures and decorating. Plus, SHE has DSL, and your page loaded immediately! I love it! I'll check in later when I get back home to VA. :)

Lisa said...

Karen, thank you! You are so sweet. It makes me feel like I got something new, too. It's buyer's remorse. :)

Hulda, Thanks so much. :)

Deb, That's so neat that you checked in! I hope the wedding is wonderful. Have a great time!

Cindi said...

Missed you yesterday Lisa! You didn't post. I like the decorating.

Lisa said...

Aww thanks Cindi! I don't think I accomplished anything yesterday. lol