Thursday, June 08, 2006

A Quick Cloth

I had this piece left over out of a fat quarter. I liked the color in my dining room so I made a cloth for this little table. The table is actually a sewing machine that belongs to Tim. It has a knee power thingy instead of a pedal and I really like it but it's very old and the electrical component snaps and crackles and makes me very nervous.

The green thing in the pic, I got at the Discovery Shop. I think I got it for $5. I'm pretty sure that's right. It holds my little glass snack plates that I've collected for years now. I just always thought they were neat. I'm starting to notice them showing up on shabby chic sites. I think my motherinlaw (first one) gave me some almost 20 years ago and I started buying them at yard sales. I have a set of 4 pumpkin (or apple, depending on how you look at it. lol) ones. I think they're so practical with the little teacup (or punchcup) hole right in the plate. :)

Anyway, that was a lot to say just to show you a picture. I've missed y'all today. Glad Blogger is back.


Karen said...

LOL I just got a comment email from you as I was reading your post. Thought that was kinda funny.

Your little cloths make cute little dresser scarfs!

Hulda said...

Your little cloth looks very nice, I liked the material. I hope Blogger is all right now, I have had such problems, couldn`t update or write comments yesterday.

Mrs.B. said...

Your cloth looks very pretty!

I missed you these last few days Lisa! (o:

Shereen said...

I love your blog with all the pictures. Thanks for passing by my blog today, and I'm happy that I could make you laugh out loud. "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine(Proverbs 17:22) ya know!! Your home looks very inviting. I am in the process of decorating my house. It is an empty slate right now. We thought we were going to move and we threw out a lot of furniture, etc. It was pretty old. So I am loving getting some ideas from your blog. Thanks

Roberta said...

I have a set of 8 little brunch plates (not sure the official name) and I have yet to use them. I should break them out one day for a "tea party-brunch-lunch" with my kiddos, they would love it. :)

Isabelle said...

Oh, Lisa, your little cloth is darling! What a lovely fabric. I love everything with small pastel flowers on it. I never have enough of it! ;)
I hope you'll have a beautiful Friday.

Mrs Blythe said...

Very pretty material. I'm concerned about the sewing machine! Lol don't get electrocuted! Have a great day Lisa. :o)

Lisa said...

Karen We must have been on some sort of blogger wavelength together. lol

Hulda, thanks. I would never have made these cloths had I not seen you doing so. lol I don't know why but I would never have thought of it. Thank you, because they bring me all kinds of satisfaction. :)

Mrs. B. Whew, I missed you too. I think we need an emergency "blogger down preparedness" plan. LOL in case it doesn't come back we need to find one another. :)

Shereen, Thanks. What a nice way to start my morning. How fun to have a clean slate to work from! I really enjoy your blog.

Roberta, I bet they would love that. I never thought of using mine when my boys were small, but my oldest would have loved it. Yay! Do it, do it. hehe

Isabelle, life is funny. I have always liked small pastel floral prints yet I went years without ever buying anything like it. Now I can't get enough. I think i've been so afraid of making things too feminine (I live with lots of males. lol) that I forgot it was ok to add some bits here and there...afterall, it's my home, too. :) I really like the skirts you made!

Sarah, Thanks for your concern. lol I refuse to use that one anymore until it is fixed. I use a free-standing one at the dining room table. Tim keeps threatening to take the motor from the one I use to fix the other one. My fear is that we'll have two broken machines. LOL He doesn't find that as funny as I do. hmmm