Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Need. Curtains. Fast.

In the afternoons, the sun comes streaming through this window just before it goes behind the mountain. It's target? The television. It is as if the tv is not even on and this does not go over well with those trying to watch something. Last night, this was DH's answer.

Can you see the urgency here? There are no curtains in this window because I love the light offered the room without them and I like the look of the window itself. I could never figure out a way of making a window treatment that worked without detracting from either the light or the window.

Maybe you have some ideas? Help. Quick!


Cindi said...

What about some valances? Oh, I have also seen these great blinds. They are similar to mini blinds, but they go back up into the top and are hidden. I saw them at a Walmart, either the Valley View or the Bonsack. That way all you would see is a slight white bar. Then when the sun is setting you could lower them.

Shereen said...

Oh, I can see why you don't want to put curtains up. I love that window, and the view. It looks very inviting. I literally LOL with the little newspaper up there. I will check back to see if anyone was more help than me. lol

Isabelle said...

Hi Lisa, I think the best way not to block the light would be to make blinds.
I can only advise you this great site: It has many different curtain options (including various types of blinds), with extensive explanation - and it's free. Wonderful website, I think you'll enjoy it :)

Happymama said...

Men...aren't they a riot? I must admit, Lisa, I giggled when I saw what he had done.

Have you thought about blinds for each window? You could place a swag above each one. That would look nice. And then you could close the blinds when you don't want the sun shining in.

Lisa said...

Cindi, That sounds like an idea. I'll check out the Walmarts to see! Thanks.

Shereen, LOL You made me giggle.

Isabelle, Thank you for the link. I'm on my way to check it out now. Hope things are well with you.

Happymama, You cracked me up. I like your idea with doing each window with its own swag and blinds.

Yay, now I have lots of ideas. :) Thank you everyone.

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is a more expensive option, but what about folding shutters (indoors), like in old English houses. They fold right back away from the window and can be painted to match your decoration or your window frame. Maybe you could get your Nick to make them? :o)

annecourager said...

Some blinds are like zig-zaggy sheers, allowing filtered light. Then behind them you could put one of those regular ol' pulldown window shades, which would be hidden by the sheer blinds. Then when the sun's done with invading your window, back up to the top they go, revealing your lovely scene.

Not explaining this well~! but have fun looking.

Lisa said...

Sarah, I love shutters like that. I had them in my bedroom in my other house. I've thought about using shutters but I'm not sure. Thanks for the suggestion though!

Anne, it's so nice to have you visit my blog. You explained perfectly and that's another good idea. Whew..y'all are full of good window options. lol Now I have to mull them all over.

Thanks everyone!