Tuesday, June 13, 2006


It's going around....

How many do you read regularly? About 7.

How many are written by women? By men? Most are by women, just because they're the ones sewing and stuff usually.

Are they all Christian? How about the same denomination? I don't know. Of the ones I know are Christian, they're not the same denom as I am.

What kinds of posts do you like the best? Light-hearted, informational posts with lots of pics. I also like hearing about peoples' day-to-day stuff..frugality, etc.

What kinds of posts are you most likely to comment on? Probably a post that just knocks my socks off craft-wise or made me think a different way about something.

What makes you add a blog to your favorites list? Or conversely, what drives you away from a blog? Lately, I add blogs that I like to look at (decorating, sewing, crafts, etc) and want to return to over and over.

What's your favorite kind of post to write? This has changed for me. I seem to have run out of things to say. I have no real desire to "talk" so I have mostly been posting pics of my daily activities if they're decorating, cooking or craft-related.

What do you think is your biggest strength blogwise? Biggest weakness? Biggest strength...I'm fairly consistent with posts at GroggyFroggy (Messy Musing..not so much) and I try to respond to each comment individually. I enjoy the friendships and communication. Biggest weakness? I don't have much to talk about these days. Maybe that's a strength. lol

What do you want to change, if anything, about the way you blog? I'm ok with the way I blog. The people who read it seem to like it ok and I'm enjoying myself. I have no desire to have a big audience or anything, so I'm pretty happy with it right where it is.

How many times a day do you say the word blog? I say "blog" a lot during the day when telling Tim about something I read or describing someone..."my blog friend from such and such a place."

How many bloggers have you met in real life--not counting the ones you knew before they started blogging? I met Linda, quite by accident but a very happy accident. Noone else...I'm sure it's only a matter of time until I meet Cindi.


Anonymous said...

Lisa - hurrah for your responses! Maybe you don't want to 'talk' much because you are allll blogged out! lol. I have missed Messy Musings, but one can't force it can one? (I sound like the Queen). I love your blog Mrs Lisa.

Lisa said...

Hi Sarah. I never did like to force the things I wrote on Messy Musings. I didn't really start it as a social thing but to really practice articulating my faith in writing. There have always been large gaps in posts there, although not always as large as the gaps are now. The Frog blog is just fun. lol It's like conversation with friends, pure and simple...which explains why I hit yours every day.:)

Kim said...

Hi Lisa,
Just stopped in to say hello! I enjoy all of the pictures you post on your blog.

Lisa said...

Kim Hi! and thanks. I'm glad you stopped by.

Isabelle said...

Dear Lisa, your comment made me chuckle! I went to look at your profile picture and it is indeed the exact same skirt and hat - even the lady's top is white. This is so funny! It only shows that we may have more in common than we even realize, don't you think? I so love reading your posts and looking at your pretty things :)
May you have a beautiful day! It is slightly cooler in Paris, and just delicious :)

Karen said...

Lisa, you do an excellent job with your blog. It's always a joy to read and one of the highlights of my day. I love your pictures! :)

Lisa said...

Isabelle! lol I'm glad it made you laugh. I will definitely have to at least attempt the skirt. I'm glad it's cooler..although I just finished wishing you sunshine, y'know. :) You are so sweet to me.

Karen, I don't know what to say...that's such a nice comment. Thank you so much.

Cindi said...

LOL we must make that come true!