Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Interesting Discovery

Tonight I was tidying up and going through magazines to discard and books to put away. I came across one I bought a few months ago. Books I buy often have writing in them because I buy used books. Usually it's an inscription from the buyer to someone else, which is kind of sweet to read. I had not been able to make this one out; until tonight, that is. I finally figured out what it said and then realized it was the signature or signatures of both authors. I told you guys about the book when I got it. It isYour Secret Servant-Fix and Freeze Hors d'Oeurves For Easy Entertaining by Ann Reed and Marilyn Pfaltz. I won't pretend to have been familiar with these ladies. When I saw the signatures, I decided to look up the authors. Well, even *I* had heard of Ladies Who Lunch. Life is funny, isn't it?

I look at these lovely ladies (on the book jacket) who wrote about entertaining back in the 70s and I feel priviledged to have this book with their signatures gracing it.

Have any of you read these authors?


Happymama said...

Very cool! My husband and I are all the time pulling pranks and telling crazy stories to "fish" people in. Well, at Christmas, our Sunday School class had a party and we were supposed to bring an elephant gift. (something nice but used from around the house to give as a gift.) Well, anyway, the gift I chose was a book called Daily Devotions to Strengthen Your Marriage. Bruce and I wrote an inscription to us from the authors, thanking us for helping them with the book. It was so hilarious. We got a lot of laughs from that one that night. Aren't we terrible? :)

Lisa said...

ROFL That is so creative and funny! And yes..you are terrible. :D

Karen said...

What a nice surprise to find the authors signatures inside. Unfortunately, I haven't heard of these ladies, but I'm not really much of a cook.

Hulda said...

nice to have the authors signatures, yes! I hope you have a nice day. Here is a rainy day, and I have made a lasagna for dinner.

Lisa said...

Karen, same here. lol

Hulda, yum Lasagna. That's a good rainy day food. :)

Susan said...

Wow! That's pretty neat! I'm just going to have to get into buying old books. I love them, and sometimes you find something interesting like that. Good for you!