Friday, June 30, 2006

After the Rain

This is what happens when you let the weeding go and then it rains for days. Oh my aching back. This was a big pile that I made but wasn't the half of it. It looks so much nicer now. :)

I am frustrated with my picture problem. I see other blogspot bloggers are able to post pictures. I can only do it if I hit 'blog" on a pic in photobucket...and it comes out full size. ( I guess I could resize them..hmmm). Everytime I try to do a normal photo upload the whole thing freezes and I have to go offline. Is anyone else having trouble?


Anonymous said...

Lots of trouble with photos. Sometimes I sit there while the ticker clock thing ticks for ages and then it says 'done', I look at the post and there's no photo there!!! Sometimes I click on the 'add photo' button and nothing happens. Grrrr! The amount of times I have had to cancel a post and start again because of photo problems it just ridiculous! Lol, I'm getting rather irate here, sorry :oO~grrrr

Lisa said...


Shereen said...

Yard work is hard work. But at the end, when you are done, it feels so good, and it's so nice to go back and take a peek and know you did it. lol