Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Woman's Work

This is what I've finished.

This is what I have left.

This is the field. There is a lawn near the house also (you can sort of see it in this picture, through the pines from the field) that I have finished and the hill in the back that Tim did yesterday.

We did it with the new lawn mower he bought for me yesterday.

I have to buy more gas. I'm all out with half the field to go. :)

I took more pictures of some of the wild stuff growing around our property. I'll show them later if anyone is interested.


Kelleigh said...

It's spring up north and the grass is growing! hehe! You've done a great job Lisa! That's a snazzy mower you've got there too!

Lisa said...

Thanks. lol I thought of you as I was snapping pictures in the woods...well, of the woods from the yard. I'll load them later. I must run and pick up some big teen boys at the moment. :)

Hulda said...

Your grass cutter looks good, Lisa! lol

Mrs.B. said...

It's red....so I LOVE it!! LOL (o:

Mrs Blythe said...

Always interesting in looking at your pictures Lisa :o) Like the mower too! I'll have to try to break ours, tee-hee ;o) It looks so pretty.

Lisa said...

lol Mrs. B and Sarah.

After mowing yesterday, I told hubby if I'd known there was such a great mower out there waiting for me, I would have broken ours on purpose.