Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Just a few things that are growing around my house.
Blue dayflowers (wildflowers) that hubby transplanted for me last year. (not blooming yet)
I misplaced the name of this plant. One of these days I'll remember what it is. I planted it last year and it came back like gangbusters this year; almost twice as big already! I love perennials.
Tiger lilies.
A Hosta Lily I planted last year. I was happy to see it and it's much bigger and healthier; now to see if it blooms. :)
Standing under my living room window looking down through the woods.
I envision this clearing with chairs; a lovely shaded place to relax.

Honeysuckle. I can't help myself. I love it so much it's just taking over.
I'm not sure what these little white flowers are but they smell wonderful. We have a lot of berry bushes scattered around, too.

I would love to know how this place looked when it was newly built and planted. I find daffodils in little corners and even Irises this year. Birds don't drop bulbs. hehe They had to have been planted there. I'm sure this house, having been built in 1910, has many lovely stories. A lady down the road once lived here and says she has pictures from her days here. I hope to see them one day.


Hulda said...

It is exiting that your house is so old, and all the things that has happend there. Exiting! It must be fun to see the old pictures of it, from the lady you write about. I enjoy such things. Love to look at old pictures from my town, and where my grandparents grow up. I think the place where you have your chairs looks adoreble. A really relaxing place. I am glad getting to know you! I should go to bed now. It is late evening in Norway, midnight actually. Good night! :o)

Lisa said...

Good night. :) Thanks for all the kind comments and I am really glad to get to know you also.

Kelleigh said...

Oops my post didn't stick..now what was I saying. Ah yes, Lisa it will be great to see how your garden looks once all the flowers are out. Do you have many acres of garden to look after?

Isabelle said...

That's such a beautiful place you live in, Lisa! Have a good day!

Anonymous said...

Just lost my comment...Anyway...I like your garden, I like the wooded area as well. I love honeysuckle too it smells divine. My hubby cut ours down in his bull-in-a-china-shop style of gardening (which is also his DIY style :o.)

Anonymous said...

DIY=Do It Yourself house decorating etc. (didn't know whether this accronym is just a British thing thought I should explain) :o)

Lisa said...

Kelleigh We really don't have that much. Altogether lawn and wooded area it is almost 3 acres. It was a compromise as hubby wanted "Land, lots of land" out in the middle of nowhere yet we needed a place in town and I was partial to having a roof over our heads. lol After the kids have flown the coop, we'll be headed for no-man's land.

Thanks Isabelle! The parts I photographed truly are just wonderful. The bits I left out need some work. hehe

Oh no Sarah! (yes DIY is the same here, but thanks, that was thoughtful of you). I was so afraid Tim had cut my tigerlilies when he was weedeating, but to my relief they were safe and sound. Now the deer will have plenty to eat.lol

You are all so kind. Thanks so much.

Kelleigh said...

Adventure awaits you! How exciting.