Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A little stitching

Here is what I'm stitching on right now. I didn't even realize until I'd finished the heart that I was doing Virginia Tech Hokie colors. Go Hokies. This chart was given to me by Katrina at A Kiwi Stitching, which I thought was very, very kind of her. It will say "celebrate life."

These are my dishcloths crocheted in single crochet stitch..30 stitches by 30 stitches.


deb said...

I love the word "celebrate." I'm sure your cross-stitch will turn out great (even tho I don't favor Tech colors). :)

The dishcloth pattern looks exactly like the one I'm doing. My goal is to finish mine over the weekend. Hopefully, I can post a pic next week.

Thanks for showing us!

Anonymous said...

You are so clever. What lovely stitching. How nice to have homemade dishcoths - bet they last longer than my Asda (Walmart) cheapo versions! x

Cindi said...

I love the dish clothes. What amazes me is that they are so square! You have done so good getting them straight and even on the edges! I can't wait to see the finished stitching.

Lisa said...

Thanks Y'all. Aren't they fun Deb? I may have a kid at Tech year after next, so I probably need to practice...caring one way or the other about the Hokies.

Mrs. Blythe, now I just have to make myself actually usethem. The rest of mine are from walmart...or actually..probably Family Dollar. You are so sweet to me.

Cindi, I got a Country Living magazine today and they have a purse in there that resembles yours but they cheated and it was much easier to make. LOL It's not as sturdy and nice looking as yours but I might give it a shot. It's more my speed, sewing-wise.

Isabelle said...

Lovely crochet, Lisa! As for the stitchy pic - maybe lots of lighting (or a flash, if you have one) would help get rid of the blurriness. But I know your camera is giving you a hard time! ;)

Thank you for the Bday wishes. Hope you have a lovely day!

Lisa said...

As for the stitchy pic - maybe lots of lighting (or a flash, if you have one) would help get rid of the blurriness

Hi Isabelle. I seem to be in dire need of one or the other. Hubby is talking about getting another better camera so hopefully clearer pictures will be forthcoming. :)