Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Good Morning

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Today is date day with Tim. We have both been really looking forward to it this week. He mentioned it several times yesterday. He also mentioned yesterday that I can pick trim paint today, which meant I had to make up my mind about the color of the house. I was very tempted to leave it blue. It would be easier really, even though I'd still have to repaint because the former owner left one side completely unpainted. But I have had cranberry in my mind for so long now and when I mentioned it to my son this morning, he said he would really like the he swayed me back. ;) I even chose my pansies earlier this spring with the cranberry color in mind. So, that means that I will choose a taupe trim, I think. I need to get it straight in my head before I look at any of those little paint strip samples or my little brain will become completely overwhelmed.

Without realizing today was the day to detail the dining room, I vacuumed the dining room yesterday, including the baseboards. So, today I only have to wash the baseboards and do some light dusting to have my detailing done before we leave for lunch. I've already finished one corner, but then my toast popped up, lol, and I had to stop and eat. When we get back from lunch I may dig into a book shelf that's in here (the dining room) that's been bugging me. It just needs straightened up a little, so I may as well wipe the books and shelves, right?

The sun is out this morning and I'm happy to see it. The cold weather makes me rather grumpy. I had to go to the DMV this morning. At 8am there was already a long line. I couldn't believe it. But the line moved quickly and I was out by 8:19. :) I didn't even finish one paragraph of the Beverly Lewis book I took with me to read and that's just fine with me. When I got home, hubby had made a fresh pot of coffee. The smell hit me as I walked in the door. Yummm.

Well, I could sit here and type all day, but like my Grandma always said "the house isn't going to clean itself." See y'all later.


Mrs.B. said...

Boy Lisa, you sure do manage to get a lot of things done! Do you do FlyLady or something?

I hope your date with your husband is WONDERFUL! (o:

Lisa said...

Mrs. b. I used to try to do FlyLady but I found it a bit overwhelming after a while. I follow MrsCatherine's routine, which is (I think)a modification of Flylady. I like her constant attention to the Christian aspect of being a woman, wife and mother. I also find that with just a gentle reminder of which room is my focus for the day, i can complete that room and feel that I accomplished something and any cleaning I get done on top of that is "icing." (apart from every day dishes, cooking, making bed,etc..but I have done those routinely for eons). She is sure helping me to feel good about my house..even if someone were to nose down into the corners. LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what time it is where you are Lisa, but did you have a lovely date day?

I too love the smell of coffee, and baking bread (and maybe oneday that Murphy's Oil Soap ;o)

Lisa said...

Mrs. on the Murphys. I hope you love it after all of this.

We did have a lovely date day. We ate at our favorite (cheap) Chinese restaurant, then went to Big Lots (cheap,again..see a pattern?). After that, hubby took me to A.C.Moore, a large craft store here. It happens to be attached to a mall, so we walked around a bit and I found that a store I've known for ages (a local store called "Art with a Mission" where everything goes to charity) had tons of vintage linens and aprons and then I ran into a lady from my church whom I hadn't spoken with in a while (one of the drawbacks of being in the choir). Finally, Tim said "it's time to go" so off we went home. :) We had a lovely time. He bought 20 little foam paint brushes for 1.00 and that is all we came home with. LOL He did try to get to buy several lovely china and linen things but I practiced self-control. whew. That may be more than you ever wanted to thank you very much for asking!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like such a lovely time. I must log off now otherwise my hubby will be forced to remove the computer from our house (LOL)x

Lisa said...

Oh dear! We don't want that. I would miss you very much!

Mrs.B. said...

I HATE it when I type out a long comment and then lose it...I've learned that if the comment is long, I copy it just in case! LOL

I'm glad it came through though.

I might try Mrs. Catherine's, do you get tons of e-mails? That was one aspect of Flylady I didn't care for. (I also didn't like the whole 'time for yourself' aspect of it.

Lisa said...

She sends out very few emails, however, if you join the MIH group it is a message board group and they (we) generate a good amount of email. I turned mine off as I was spending too much time trying to read them. You can just go to the group and read them there when you feel like it and that is what I do. ( I felt compelled to read each one when it was in my inbox, and I don't on the site). I haven't figured out how to get the reminders without the other posts yet, but I'm pretty sure I read that it can be done. She does some cute motivational things and they do show up on the board as well so you can see them without getting email. Hope this helps. :) She would be the first to say that we should not let the emails take us aways from our fact that is one of the first things it says on the board.

Cindi said...

Hope you had a great date. Where did you go? Any good restaurant?

Lisa said...

Cindi, well...our very favorite restaurant in the world is Swagat. The Indian place downtown, but more often we go to China Wall in Vinton. Hubby is reading over my shoulder and said "It's good and cheap." lol Try Swagat some time, though, it's soooooooo good and pretty inexpensive for the buffet, too.