Saturday, April 15, 2006's working.


Isabelle said...

What a cute needlecase and what a gorgeous cat!

Nancy in IL said...

Wow, what a crafty lady you are, you multi-tasker, you... you jack of all trades ;-) I'm really enjoying your blog and checked out your writing. I'm a wannabe writer myself.

I love your cool thing at the bottom from Photobucket. Didn't know one could do that, but perhaps a free account, like cheapie here has, won't do that.

I love "Love," especially, but I have a penchant for blackwork, though I've done very little. I love your other needlework, your cute, silly husband, but most of all, your cat, lol!

Nice meeting you too!

Lisa said...

Thanks Isabelle. Imagine you noticing a cat. ;)

Nancy, as my mom used to say "jack of all trades..master of none" and she was right. The crochet you see in that pic is the extent of my talent. LOL

The Photobucket thing is I too am a cheapie. Once you are in your account, check out "bucket features." You can also set up a cool film loop with your pics.

Thanks for the comments. I'm having too much fun. :)