Saturday, April 15, 2006

Picture, picture on the blog....

Ok, let's see if Blogger will post pictures this way. I've tried several.

These pictures are of a needle case I crocheted yesterday. I was just playing around but I was kind of pleased with it. I want to make others in prettier colors but this one is handy. You can see that Reagan (the cat) is just thrilled.

ETA:I suppose I won't get pics this way either. I'm not sure if it's me or blogger but everytime I try to post pictures by uploading, it freezes everything up. If I blog them straight from photobucket, they're huge so I've put them in my little picture cube at the bottom. You can also see my cute dh holding the cushion I made the other day. Hehe..he's a silly man. :)


Cathy said...

Lisa - I've also had trouble from time to time posting pictures with Blogger. The only thing you can do is wait and try it again later.

I think that others use other applications like Photobucket - but I'm not the computer savvy, so I just wait and try later!

Good luck - I'm anxious to see your crocheted needlecase!

trysori said...

Photobucket will give you the html code to post a picture (I think, I don't actually use it that often).

To change the size of the picture you just need to add the following at the end of the html code before the closing >

height="xx" width="xx"

replacing xx with the appropriate numbers.

It will be trial and error before you get the dimensions for the picture to look right, but at least it means you can post it until blogger sorts itself out.

AnneS said...

Blogger is a bear sometimes - one thing I've found seems to help is to save your post as a draft, then go back in and try to add the photos ... sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't. I've also rebooted IE and tried it again, and that helps. Otherwise I use MSpaint and shrink my photo, then upload the smaller version into Photobucket and use that :)

Lisa said...

Thanks for all your help guys. For now, Blogger seems to be cooperating but I will definitely bear all this advice in mind if (when, for it surely will) it happens again. :)

trysori said...

Glad I could help even though you didn't need it.
I've been a lurking reader for a while.
I read a few stitching blogs, I love looking at what other people are up to, it motivates me and kicks my butt into doing my own sewing, but I'm always too shy/nervous to say hi.