Thursday, April 20, 2006

A ton of pictures. One day I will figure out how to get them where I want them. :) I guess they are rather self-explanatory. The white thing is the baby blanket (did I mention it's my first?) that I made for one of DH's coworkers. I wasn't sure it was good enough to give but he assured me that it was and that he really wants me to give it to them so it is all folded up and ready to go. I washed it in Dreft and it smells like baby.

The other pictures I took because I bought a new bedspread and put it on the bed for the first time today. I will probably get new pillows now. (isn't that how that works?) It's a simple cotton bedspread that is replacing a plaid comforter. I am so happy with it! The curtains in the background I made last year. I had to have something that would allow light yet make the room very dark for DH when he has to sleep during the day on weekends. I made two light beige gingham panels for each side and between the panels is a larger paisley patterned panel (each side). When he needs dark, I can simply pull the two large panels together and the room gets nice and dark.

I've been enjoying the pictures of other people's rooms so I thought I would share a few pictures of mine.

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Cindi said...

The baby blanket looks so nice! If it is your first you did a great job, the rows look so straight. You should have seen my first attempts!