Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Few Stitches

I haven't done much stitching today, but here are a couple of photos of what I've been doing the past few days. I still have a good bit to do on both. I'll probably get more stitching in this evening. I've been doing lots of cleaning and reorganizing. I had a long to-do list today and I almost completed it.

After giving DH's mother a shower and walking her back to her freshly "sheeted" bed, I was folding some things and noticed that she had a couple of new sweaters from her daughter which were crocheted and I mentioned that I'd like to able to crochet like that. She started talking about how she used to crochet and she wondered if she could still do it. Her hands are quite wrecked from arthritis. I mentioned that I had hooks and yarn if she'd like to try. Her eyes lit up. I have one very large hook which she could hold on to nicely.

For months (a couple of years, really) the focus of my praying during corporate confession at church has been my relationship with this woman. Honestly, it is very difficult for me to be more than courteous to her. There are a lot of different reasons for this but ultimately it is up to me to be kind no matter what, right? It isn't enough to take care of her, as I have fooled myself into thinking the past few years. It isn't enough to refrain from saying unkind things. I really must put effort into actually being kind. I have made a real effort the past two weeks and prayed a lot. Right when I needed the most help I've run across the most beautiful blogs and I feel they've really helped me to gain a better perspective on my role as this woman's daughter-in-law and the keeper of the home in which she lives. I feel a weight has been lifted and I want to thank all my new cross-stitching acquaintances as well as Mrs. Wilt, Anna, Mrs Catherine , Elizabeth and I'm sure there are so many more that I could name. I feel that there's been real grace extended to my life this past week. I have tried to pass that grace on to my family by doing everything with a loving and joyful attitude. In so doing, I actually feel more joyful and loving.

God is good.


Isabelle said...

Hello Lisa! I know what you mean about being inspired by fellow bloggers to put more of God into our lives.
What you do for your MIL is wonderful.
Here are two blogging friends who have inspired me a much over the last few months:
Maggie Ann

Thank for your kind comment on my blog! I wish I'd been that busy with my sewing since I got back, but this was actually all made before I left, and received in your country while I was in Morocco :)

Have a blessed day!

Lisa said...

Oh yes, I was just on Zoanna's blog earlier this evening to get a look at what she said about the things you sent. :) I've just gone to Maggie Ann's for the first time and I love it. These are definitely two inspiring ladies, as are you.