Saturday, April 29, 2006


I have been looking through my favorite cross stitch blogs and a new blog that has beautiful stitching. I think I'm almost ready to stitch. It seems like everything I've picked up I've ended having to take out more stitches than I got to put in and I'm getting frustrated and discouraged with it. I think it's just because I'm so tired by the time I start that my mind wonders and I miscount. Perhaps I should try to stitch in the mornings.

I have a question for you bigtime stitchers, particularly the ones who do a lot of exchanges. If you were going to receive something from another stitcher, would you prefer they send something that you can stitch or stitch it themselves and then send it to you? I'd appreciate any answers you care to give. :)

I'm going to a big church yard sale this morning. I'm hoping to find some linens and other fabric. They usually have lots of that kind of thing. Maybe they'll have some frames and stitching stuff as well. Another church has a "jumble" sale and I have had lots of good luck with that. Once I was there right before it ended when they said to fill and bag and get whatever you could fit for $2. Well, turned out I had a friend working the jumble sale and she ran and got a bag for me...a huge leaf and lawn type bag. LOL When I got home and counted and did the math, I got everything for .25 cents a piece. I got a lot of nice things, some of which I still use to this day.

My camera is acting wonky again, but if it's working and I get good stuff, I'll put a pic up.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend. (I was going to say Saturday but for some it's closer to Sunday by now) :)


Susimac said...

Me, I prefer that they stitch me something and send, its nice receiving someone elses work.

Lisa said...

Ok...1 for having stitched already.

Thanks Susimac. I appreciate it. :)