Saturday, April 29, 2006

Did I mention I love yard sales?

4 baskets
1 shaker type box which once held "Zingerman's Sweet Butter Tea Cakes"
8 plastic tall cups that look like glass
1 framed folksy picture that says "my cat is only an angel but she thinks she's God"
1 book "The Magic of Painting" for my younger artistic teenager
1 rice steamer
1 cigar box for hubby
1 cute little ceramic bunny
2 toss cushions with same check pattern fabric from which I made my bed cushion
1 trash bag FULL of yarn...whole skeins...pounders of Bernat dishcloth yarn and others. She gave me the whole bag for $1.00!

The entire haul=$7.25. I am a happy yard saler.


deb said...

I am sooo impressed! Sounds like a FUN FUN morning! We usually always check the classifieds for yard sales, and this week we didn't even look. I could have missed something great! But I felt I needed the rest instead of getting up at the crack of dawn; it's been a busy week!

Lisa said...

It as fun. The only reason I got out that early is that my stepson had to make up some time and work at school. I saw the sign earlier and figured I may as well take advantage. :) Rest is always a good idea after a busy week.

Mrs.B. said...

Good for you!

And thank you for sharing your thoughts on my 1 Cor 13 post and for your lovely're a very sweet lady!

Lisa said...

Mrs. B. I meant it. Your blog is always so uplifting and I enjoy the fellowship of the women there. I thought that was a great discussion. I enjoyed it a lot. :)

Anna said...

That's sounds so fun! :) I love yardsales as well, but unfortunealy we don't do that alot here in Sweden. Maybe I should try to start the trend. ;)