Sunday, November 27, 2011


Lesley Venable graciously offered a bundle of classes and I was able to take an online class for the first time in ages. I am enjoying it so much and learning so much. It's brought me back to my very first art love; collage. I used to do this for hours a day and somewhere along the line, I stopped. With this renewed passion, I took a big breath and emailed the director of a local arts & craft fair and asked for a table! I'm so excited. I'm also getting scared. I can feel that familiar inner scream coming on, "get out of it, get out of it!!" But, nope. I'm not going to get out of it. I'm going to set up a table and see what happens.

Anyway, back to Lesley! She is no longer offering the bundle of classes but she has broken them up and they are only $10 per class. They are worth so much, much more. It is so much fun just watching her put things together and listening to her makes you almost believe you're just hanging out with with her, sharing some coffee and playing art. So go check out the classes. I feel like I'm finally out of my slump. It feels good to get back to the kind of art that originally helped me to heal...way back when.

I've been working like crazy this past week. I'm grateful to have been off from school most of the past week so I could enjoy time with family and to do so much painting and collage. Here's a little of what my past week has looked like.

Cutest Boy in the World

Kasey making us brownies! Yummy. 

Sweet little family.

A table!!! Thanks to Mike for bringing the table with him for Thanksgiving! lol
When not being used for dining, guess what it will be?  So excited!

Life is good.

Don't forget to check out Lesley's blog!


Healing Woman said...

Lisa, I'm sure you will do very well at the show next weekend. I wish you the best of luck and weather!

Lisa said...

THank you so much, Cheryl!

In the Light of the Moon said...

"I made up my mind to trust my heart"...Wow thats a hard one,but like you,sometimes we need to dig to find the courage.
Thank you for your sweet comment today..after work today I just wanted to crawl under a rock...not any I want to play...especially after looking at your lovely work and family.Big Hugs,Cat

Patrick Foley Plummer said...

Big hugs right back! Yay!