Saturday, November 19, 2011

Catching Up a Little

I've been creating pretty much every day. I don't always have time to post, though! Here are some catch-up pics. The frame at the top I did just this morning using techniques from Lesley Venable. I'm taking an online class from her and it's just wonderful. She's at The Art of Altering.

I am so happy since I've started creating every day. Sometimes you just have to feel the blah and do it anyway. It's amazing how it starts to flow. ♥


Jess said...

Yes feel the Blah and feel the bleh and do it anyway! Good words and I shall do it too, thanks Lisa! :o)
Jess x

Patrick Foley Plummer said...

You're welcome. Nice to see you Jess!

Stacy Wills said...

it's so nice to see your beautiful creations here and on fb. i'm on a creative tear lately, too...don'tcha' love being in the flow!?!

Jeanne Fry Art said...

Loving your evolution Lisa :)