Sunday, May 15, 2011

Not Yet, But Here's Another Pic

Jace is due Tuesday! Here's the latest pic I've taken of Mike and Kasey. It was Mother's Day, right before they took me out to dinner.
                       I'm thinking my next blog post will include an appearance by Jace himself. :)

Hopefully, I will eventually do something creative that I can take a pic of. My summer schedule leaves a little time in the mornings so I will hopefully be doing some art. Nick sent a gift card for ACMoore for Mother's Day so I will definitely be buying some fun supplies!

I don't want to neglect the blog or art. We've been through so many transitions since last September. All of us! But things are good and I'm starting to get my bearings so hopefully my blog will get its bearings, too. 

Thanks for still stopping by in the meantime!

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