Sunday, March 13, 2011

Home Girl

This is Home Girl.

I made her yesterday, my 46th birthday.

It's been a strange few days, hasn't it? So many tragedies happening all over and all we can really do is sit and watch it unfold.

So many have lost their homes. 

Not only in Japan, but people still recovering from the earthquake in NZ, there is flooding in the NE, fires in Colorado and probably other places I'm not even aware of.

Nick is far from home and I miss him.

Mike will be moving, not so far, but moving just the same before too long. 

Life is changing.

After a while you begin to realize that home is not a static place.

Home is inside. We carry it with us wherever we go.

For this I am grateful.


Janet said...

Happy Birthday even though I'm late! Love the Home Girl doll.

With all the tragedy happening in the world it's good to take time to be thankful for what we have. Life does change....and I do believe the old saying that home is where the heart is.

Your boys may be moving away but they are still in your heart and you in theirs.

Kate Robertson said...

Oh I love the doll and resonate with your statements too. Its so hard when the kids leave but Janet is right you are still so connected.


artbrat said...

I always love your dolls and this one is no exception. The little heart on her cheek is adorable!

Whenever things change I think we need to focus on whats inside and really matters and how the change wont remove all the important things. Its still a scary time (at least for me, I hate change) but by trying to find the comfort of what you keep through the change it makes it easier.

The Traveler said...

Happy Womb Liberation Day!

Very creative doll, and some very astute sentiments!

Laura said...

Lisa she is is good to have a small reminder of home to carry with you where ever you go! Happy Birthday...I'll be 46 next week!

Lisa said...

Thank you, everyone!
Happy Birthday next week Laura!

Gaby Bee said...

She is adorable!

J C said...

So true what you said about home is within us and we carry it wherever we go. You made me just stop, put on the brakes, and THINK about how true that is.

Lotsa changes going on here too. Some medical. Some losing a loved pet...maybe...probably...Ms. Wee. Breaking my heart but she is GROWN now and needs a mate. Oh, I just dont want to think about that right now!

I love your doll. I have one of your spirit dolls hanging on a lampshade. xoxoxo

Unknown said...

This is beautiful! You always have such amazing handiwork!

Gen said...

love the doll! happy belated birthday im only a month late in wishing you LOL better late than never right? Too funny your sons names are nick and micahel my fiance's name is micahel and his brother's name is nick lol