Monday, August 09, 2010

Mostly Pictures

This is a painting I won from Benedetta last year. I just love it. I was playing around with this frame last week and I really love the colors together.  She's hanging in the living room now.
I hung my new besom yesterday. While I was at it I hung a couple of pieces of art, too. 

I didn't really intend this table to become an altar but it seems to be doing just that. I need to clean it up a little and still plan to paint it one of these days.

Look how the herb garden has grown.
I'm going to be harvesting this sage and some rosemary and lavendar later today. I have a few folks who want to purchase smudge sticks. I made one for a friend last week. I love making them.

We have plumbers here this morning or I'd be making the smudge bundles now. But my mood with all that noise and upheaval and lack of water going on is not exactly conducive to that kind of work. I'll wait until I can make them with love and peace; in other words, when the plumbers get the heck out. hehe

Have a great day everyone!


Stacy Wills said...

such a pleasant peek into your world - especially love the artwork!

Nicky said...

Very cool artworks..... and I wish my herb garden looked like that right now.........unfortunately we had a little snow on the ground yesterday ....... so I am living vicariously through yours instead!

Everydaythings said...

That table is just perfect for the altar...funny how a place chooses us!

Healing Woman said...

Lisa, your home looks very peaceful and I am envious of your herb garden. Since I was gone for a lot of the time this summer, mine has basically bit the dust~except for my potted bay tree~

Lisa said...

Thank you all so much for the lovely comments. They really make my day. ♥

brandi said...

~morning...delighted you have stumbled upon my little place as now i have found yours! your herbs look amazing...our lavender is just started to bloom...aaahhh...i can smell the heavenly scents lingering throughthe air...simply beautiful! warm wishes and brightest blessings~