Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Checking in...it's almost Fall!

These are the last two smudge sticks I made. I so enjoy putting them together.

I hope everyone has been doing well.

We're doing well. Nick and Mike's college classes start this week. Nick starts school and his new job today. It's hard to believe that my guys are in college. It just seems like yesterday I was getting them ready for elementary school.

I am so excited about the coming of Fall. I can smell it in air. It was so nice and cool this morning when I went for my walk. We've been watching pre-season football and I just can't wait for the big games! I love baking us up goodies for game time and this year our kitchen is not downstairs away from the game and everyone so it will be even more fun.

Yay Autumn!

Have a great week everyone!


Chris in the Emerald City said...

Your smudge sticks look great! Thanks for the idea to put some lavender in as well!


Melissa said...

I am ready for fall too.

Dede said...

Lisa your smudge sticks look great and I bet they smell wonderful. Looking forward to the cooler weather too! Wishing you an awesome week!


Victoria said...

Lisa!!! Your smudge sticks are absolutely beautiful and gorgeous..i am dazzled..great photo too!! It is so magical to makes one's own..I so enjoy that too! Truly special..enjoy these new beauties you created and wishing you much magic and joy!

Janet said...

Fall is my favorite season and I'm also ready for it but it will be quite awhile before it arrives here. My oven hasn't been on all summer and I miss baking.

Love your smudge sticks.

Everydaythings said...

I have lavender growing in the garden so this would be a great way of using some!

Healing Woman said...

I never thought of putting lavender in a smudge stick. Great idea.

Wish I had time to take the class you are offering on Soulcollage. Please keep me informed of the next one..

Laura said...

the time passes so quickly...my girls start 8th and 11th grade next week. It just doesn't seem possible that we are here at this point already.